Friday, May 19, 2006

Next week, May 24th at 7pm, my guest on Jupiter's Girl at will be astrologer Diane Gaye. She is a wonderful astrologer, and a colorful human being. I just love her energy.

An upcoming guest that I wish to promote is Cayelin of Her web-site has the most detailed, concise celestial timings of anybody's I have ever seen. If you want to harness the energies of the moment, her writing will give you big clues of how to do that. She will be a guest on Jupiter's Girl,, June 7th.

This is an important year according to a couple of astrologers I have spoken with recently. Planetary line-ups and aspects are monumental and significant. I am NOT of the mindset that we are at the end of time on Earth. That idea engenders glee in others who think that they are the Chosen Ones, so therefore it is death and destruction to everybody else. Some people love spreading bad news.

James Braha, of, was my guest on Jupiter's Girl two nights ago. You can hear that interview for the next two weeks before it will be replaced by another show. The web-site keeps a current show up there until the next live one and then it keeps the previous week's up there too. Eventually, it will all be accessible in their archives. James spoke of non-dualistic thinking - presence awareness (power of NOW). He has written the book "Living Reality" which is a comfort to us seekers struggling for understanding. Give up the seeking. No more purifying, meditation, or striving to get "it". His web-site has excerpts and Q&A from his book. Check it out.

Have a blessed day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jazz Fest 2006

Jokemail has an entry on his blog with the caption "one is never too old." I agree.