Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Michael's 50th

We visited Greenwood Plantation yesterday which had such lovely oak trees. We paid $3 each to tour the grounds, but in almost 100 degree heat with humidity out the yin-yang - our tour was very brief. Oh my lord, it's hot in Louisiana. Remind me not to take long drives out into the country until fall.

Here's a rare photo of Michael posing for my camera. Otherwise, I caught his profile, the back of his head, and glares at me when I asked to get a picture of him.

Yesterday was Michael's birthday. It's that BIG one - the one where he now qualifies for membership in AARP. He balked at that until I told him what benefits he can get with it; namely, discounts. It's on a backburner.

My 50th is in 8 months. I used to have a goal of walking the Appalachian Trail for a week as a way of demarcating reaching this level in life. I don't think that goal is going to be met. I've made a new one. My high school classmates are tentatively planning a cruise together in honor of our collective half-centennial.

I thought I'd be settled in a lucrative and satisfying job by now. I guess I am a late bloomer. My bud is just starting to stir. I've been watering and fertlizing and sitting in the sun. I am reaching for the Moon now. Opening....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grills and such

A co-worker, Colleen, brought these grills back from New York.

I grabbed this white frog when I reached for my walking stick. He was clammy. Or, froggy - as it were.