Saturday, September 12, 2009

Call it a Louisiana Stimulus package

Hey, Governor Jindal.

First off, let me apologize for my ignorance. I choose not to follow politics for many reasons, but mainly because that information goes on into infinity about all the who's who of the field, and how they think or behave in regards to infinite particulars. I trust in organizations like "League of Women Voters", as well as other watchdogs, rules and rulers, who like to keep up with that and which keeps everything in check. At least, for the most part, things are orderly on the surface and that's important.

I am limited in that I can only pay attention to what I need to for my day-to-day life and the living of it as a healthy, happy, and fulfilled Being - applying that to enabling others to do the same. Politics only barely penetrates my sphere of existence at all. It is way too vast a subject for me, so I ignore it.

Now, that's out of the way...

Work has been slow in the food and beverage, hotel and tourism, industry this month. It slowed down last month, and then is semi-comatose now - September. It is this way every year. Everybody knows that September crawls by, finances get tight-tight, and hopefully, some of us prepared for it - you know? - by having old fashioned savings accounts.

When there is a good cash flow, most of us let it flow in, and then let it keep flowing right back out, as we play catch-up from drier periods. There's always a need for the affluence as children grow and need to be re-outfitted, home or auto maintenance costs money, and all things practical and impractical that crop up and I thank the Universe for providing money for.

Some of us are not so good at saving. Well(clears throat), ... I am not.

I may be wrong in thinking You Guys got money, but correct my perception if you can. What's going on with the money from those traffic cameras???? I know the cameras must be an expense to put up and operate, but I am sure there is plenty of excess money leftover. In fact, I heard a rumor that nobody knows what to do with the excess moola that comes from people making sloppy car mistakes that hurt nobody in any way. (incl, a $110 from me sent months ago for one such mistake. :( )

So, I got an idea...

I am proposing that the LA treasury department consider using that money to write a stimulus check to the good people of this state who are devoted to the jobs that encompass this important f&b industry which provides a good chunk of the state's revenues. Don't you think it makes sense to issue a check to everyone in the service industry of hotels, restaurants, and tourism, in general, that depend on tips, or people dependent on hourly wages whose hours are cut? We don't hold onto our money. Get it? It flows in and flows right back out.


I LOVE that idea.

I've got more where that comes from.