Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturn opposition, part 2

So, 3 years ago, when transiting Saturn was opposite it's natal position in my chart, my Dad died. It went retrograde, essentially meaning it went backwards in motion, and then went direct again to that same position 8 months later. At that time, my father-in-law, another man I called "Dad" died, with my nursing him through that transition. It was incredible times for me. The last safety net was gone. The next day, I got an email from the owner of "Synchronicity" asking me if I wanted a job there. Saturn was imposing structure, discipline, and a paycheck at just the right time.

My father-in-law also had lifechanging transits going on, namely Uranus conjunct his Moon and the progressed Moon. It was a very liberating event, figuratively and relatively.

I only tell about my major transits to cause others' to look into theirs and know that all is in divine order and that you can handle whatever comes your way because of that.

I was watching "The Guiding Light" today, which I sometimes get to do on Mondays, and one long commercial was about depression. It showed all these depressed people in different settings, doing such dreary looking things. And then came the magical cure, Cymbalta. I have trouble with those images. On the other hand, do they do any good? Maybe.

When my Dad died, I was so worried about Neptune squaring his Mercury/Moon conjunction that I was begging doctors to stop giving him psychotropics. I did a lot of research on Paxil, Xanax, valium, and other drugs he was taking; a bunch of them actually.

When my father-in-law died, I completely went the other direction with doctors. I would tell them, "aw, he can have more ativan than that", when it was only two or so pills. He also rattled his hospital bed rails. Apparently, that's a symptom of the transition.

Live until you die. Listen to music, dance, laugh, sing, share with a friend.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy 40th, Kim - or Saturn Opposition, part 1

It is time for a new entry on this blog. I started one two days ago. It was going to be very profound; I could tell. I had to take a break because it was supper-time, and my PC is in the kitchen, and I am the woman here; therefore expected to get dinner on the table, or at least help. (these people eat too early for my liking, but then again, dinner is over and out of the way earlier) My daughter, we all suspect, must have thought she was minimizing my new entry, but deleted it instead. Oh well, you'll never know about the Scorpio planetary line-up of Sun/Venus/Mars, plus the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. I no longer think much of it, though I am sure much could be thought of, and probably expounded upon, because of it. IDC.

Besides being Kim Ayres 40th birthday today, it is the 3rd anniversary of my Dad's passing. My father was 72 and died of Creutzfeld-Jacob (pron Kroytsfeld-Yockoff) Disease. It is the human form of mad cow disease.

At the time, I was having a Saturn opposition going on. Thank goodness that only happens once every 28-9 years. Saturn represents the father image - is stern, imposing limits, teaching and providing structure, the disciplinarian. It is the ruler of Capricorn. It is why some Capricorns appear so serious and thoughtful. I have seen some happy-go-lucky Caps., though they are still very responsible and dependable.

My Dad also had some powerful, life-changing (obviously) transits going on too. I became all the more reliant on Astrology to bring understanding to my experiences during his final days as Samuel Francis Ferrara.

The one that became most prominent was transiting Neptune squaring his natal Mercury. My Rob Hand book, "Planets in Transit", said this and more: "In some, cases this transit can also coincide with some type of paralysis or other motor nerve problem, but this is not likely unless there is a predisposition in your birth chart. Avoid drugs that affect the mind at this time, for your mind already has enough unreality to contend with."

My Dad was lucid sometimes. As his neural functions shut down, his thoughts never stopped coming. For weeks, he couldn't sleep for more than little spurts, and even then his mind wouldn't shut off. He would start to doze and then suddenly he was up, having to get someplace. That is, he took off for places, but couldn't get there without falling. Towards the end, he was so full of meds that his eyes would close for periods, but he kept poking at things in the air, sometimes looking like he was writing stuff. He was hallucinating in a very un-relaxed way.

It was all very Neptunian; the drugs, the hospital stay, the ambiguity of what exactly was wrong and trying every test, drug, and specialist we could to diagnose and fix the problem. And also Neptunian, he thought he was in a movie sometimes, and he never stopped being interested in tv and old movies. They were playing in his hospital room and he could come through the fog to tell you who played a part, or what the story was about. It was odd, but we could communicate with him on that level.

We only learned through an autopsy what it was affecting him. I resisted that idea of CJD being what was causing his problems. Did you know that mad cow disease and CJD is a parasite that eats holes in the brain? They say you can't get the parasite from eating tainted meat, which affects other livestock besides cattle.

Mostly because it was my Saturn opposition - this time 3 years ago - meant that I lost a safety net. I am quite okay because he provided the body for me (through procreation) and then taught me how to take care of it. My first Saturn opposition at 14-15 meant I sought autonomy - challenging authority figures, including him, and trying to gain more independence on other levels.

Thanks, Dad. I am sure all of the things I learned or inherited from you will stand me in good stead for the next Saturn opposition in approx. 25 years when I am 71.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday nights off

I feel greatly relieved to not have my Wednesday evenings tied up with the radio broadcast of Jupiter's Girl. I just wanted to give all of my guests an honorable mention for sharing information - which I consider to be Light.

First up, my friend, Earendel. He spoke on esoteric Astrology the very first broadcast. He also returned in the summer to speak about the latest Rainbow gathering that was held in Colorado this past July 4th.

There was Jim Leasure - Astrologer/Artist/Intuitive - check out Jim's artwork on his web-site. It is beautiful work. Rashanna - peace activist with messages of hope and love. Sandra Slifer - Feng Shui consultant/activist and all around good soul. There was Anne Beversdorf - Astrologer with understanding of Vedic and Western systems and remedies for what ails in a chart. My re-located friend, Zabe Barnes - Healer extraordinaire. Zabe shared her wisdom and personal background of recovery.

James Braha - Astrologer/Author; James wrote a book about non-dualistic thinking called "Living Reality". There's nothing like NOW to bring about serenity. He is a wonderful astrologer - Western and Vedic, but devotes his focus to other things now - including bringing about an awareness of what being present is good for.

Also up - two Stevens in a row; Steven Forrest - an evolutionary astrologer and author. I bought two of his books and resonate very strongly with his philosophies of reincarnation and the evolving soul. Before him was Steven Sakellarios who has a most comprehensive documentary and web-site devoted to bringing about awareness of reincarnation. There was Cayelin Castell = a Shamanic Astrologer with a wonderful web-site that tells of upcoming planetary aspects and forces for change.

Another Astrologer that joined me was Jeff Jawer. You can sign onto his web-site for your personal planetary aspects that come delivered "free" in your e-mail. Jeff and his partner, Rick Levine, teach Astrology, and give daily forecasts that apply to the whole.

Diane Gaye was my favorite Jupiter's Girl. Diane is an Astrologer. I had hoped she would take over the program, but at this time, she is full of obligations and wouldn't be able to commit. I recommended that she do readings on the air for individuals that gave permission in exchange for a free reading. That would show the public what good Astrology can do for harmonizing an individual with their life and environment.

Others who agreed to share their light and love were Nor Sivad, the station owner and a man with vision. He has his own two hour program that airs on Mondays, I think. There was also Cynthia Long, who shared some Oracular poetry.

Nori Muster, a very interesting artist and activist, shared all kinds of insights and continues to on her web-site which is an I CHING resource I frequent. And there was Maria Griener who did a mini-meditation, having listeners join forces during Beltane.

My last guest, October 4th (available for another week or so) was Robert Wilkinson, a most erudite and intelligent astrologer. Like me, he is also an actor. He lives in L.A. Lucky him. California is so beautiful, on the whole. It was very fun to talk to another Astrologer.

I don't get to speak the language as often as I'd like to. My friend, Diane, and I get to chew the fat in our astro-speak, on a pretty regular basis, but it is sometimes difficult for us to find an open window of time - what with both of us working and living in different areas of the country.

And then last, but definitely not least, I wish to thank Barry Carter for doing what he does. Check out ORMUS. If Jupiter's Girl did anything, it pointed listeners in the right direction for their continued development into healthier, happier, more fulfilled individuals - contributing their light and love to the whole.


Sunday, October 08, 2006


"Will a day come when the race will detect the funniness of these juvenilities and laugh at them - and by laughing at them destroy them? For your race, in its poverty, has unquestionably one really effective weapon - laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution - these can lift a colossal humbug, - push it a little - crowd it a little - weaken it a little, century by century: but only Laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of Laughter nothing can stand."
"The Chronicle of Young Satan, Mysterious Stanger Manuscripts" by Mark Twain

My husband and I were walking yesterday in the woods. He wanted me to walk ahead of him so I could break any spider webs first. Sometimes you don't see their gossamer threads until they are wrapped around you. I asked him if he remembered the time I went through one of those webs, way back in the days of our first dates, and threw my purse to the ground, dropped and rolled, all the while screaming? He laughed just recalling it. He was no help to me while the killer spider was surprised and probably trying to escape my lunacy.

So, then I recalled how 8 years ago when we were looking for a house with some property, we looked at one in Tickfaw, LA. The owner/agent took us into the backyard to show us the spread and there was a very big boxer-looking dog back there, whom she assured us was friendly and playful. After getting on the side of the huge garage, her dog started head-butting me with it's massive, hard head. It would put my wrist and ankles in it's mouth too. The owner was apologetic and powerless to stop it from "playing" with me. My husband, and our real estate agent too, were convulsing with laughter. Finally, our agent, who later told me she laughed all the way home (an hour's drive, got herself safely inside, cracked the sliding glass door just a little and said, "hurry, Janine, come inside." That dog kept trying to prevent me from getting away by butting me into the outdoor garage in the backyard. Only the owner of the house was not laughing. It was a very absurd situation. We laughed while remembering the incident. I could even laugh then. It would have been much more funnier if it had been someone else, though.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the last one

I just finished my last radio interview as Jupiter's Girl on I had Robert Wilkinson of as my guest. How easy was that to just trigger a response from a wonderful, articulate astrologer? I had the easy job of just listening.

Doing the show has been a hoot and a half. Now, it is on to other things for me, though this blog will be a constant. For a while, anyway. My previous guests and their particulars are listed on my web-site, (of course). They all deserve an applause for adding their light and love into the ethers of which we all breathe and get our being from.

And I will always be Jupiter's Girl. Unless, Uranus wants to duke it out with the Lord of Grace. And there's always Venus that could give Jupiter a run for his money. Let's not forget Mercury. Without Mercury, one would forget.

Nah, Jupiter wouldn't stoop so low and I surrender to his grace and wisdom. Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jupiter's Girls

This is Cathy, ChaCha, and I a couple of days ago at City Park in New Orleans. Right before this picture, Cathy's keys were rescued from her locked and running car by a good samaritan. Saturn was saying things like - "you always do something like this, when will you learn?, it's going to cost you $50 that you don't have, you'll never get it open, the engine's going to burn up, everyone around here hates you for doing stupid stuff." And then good old Jupiter chimed in, "don't worry, I'll send someone to rescue you, it'll all work out, nobody's being hurt, relax, the car will still run when you need it, see?" Cathy was playing the part of Saturn that afternoon. I role-played Jupiter. Saturn sometimes wants to slap Jupiter's face. Ha. Foiled again, Saturn. Take your limitations and punishment elsewhere.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Luke William