Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Saturn opposite Sun = No fun

The father of all restrictions is exerting structure, discipline, and hard work (I mean HARD work) upon me. I have so many limitations to having fun at this time, that my normally bouyant spirit is struggling to find light. I must have sighed about a hundred times at work yesterday. And at home.

The mate and I almost split up a few weeks ago. I found new digs, showed my house to a potential buyer, and got the boxes. On the day I was to get a key to my new place, and transfer papers from the kids' schools, I resigned myself to reconciling with Him.

We came that close once before. I was looking forward to my freedom from oppression, but it appears we are not finished loving each other as husband and wife. My single, best friend's life appeals to me big time. She answers to no one and does pretty much whatever she wants to do, when she wants to do it. That's what I was ordering.

Biding my time... which Saturn is the ruler of. My hard work is paying off, after all. Another of Saturn's lessons is that what you put out, returns to you. My efforts are being rewarded. If I could only remember that when the tedium kicks in and the many obstacles are thrown in my path, I'll be doing allright.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's it's name?

Dean. Hurricane Dean. Okay, just wanted to know the name of what might potentially cause us death and destruction.

One of my 5 sisters has booked a reservation in Monroe, 4 hours from here. Rooms are already going. I am sure the rest will be following suit.

After the hurricane, three of my sisters and their families, and pets, stayed with my sister in Atlanta. My mother was picked up from my brother's house in devastated Bush, La, 4 days later and joined the commune in Georgia. My sister had so many friends and co-workers dump resources to help alleviate the burden of that many people in one house. From what I hear, they were all harmonious for the three weeks they were there. It has to be because my surly butt wasn't there too. I was happy to be here in sweatsville with my people.

My thoughts today are of filling cars with gas, buying heat and serve foods and many other items a family needs for when there's no electricity - though we have a generator now. (We need to put gas in the drum for the generator.) We also have a window unit now and two chainsaws.

Should we stay again? Or, do we pack up the two dogs and cats, the two children and go? I'd rather stay. Despite mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Katrina, and my extended families pleas for us to be reasonable, and other frantic friends who thought we were crazy - we stayed put. By staying, we got to experience an 80 foot cypress tree hitting the roof, watched the tornadic activity in our woods, and was here when it was all over - to put a tarp over the roof hole to prevent further damage caused by rain. It was such a mess here. One had to be here to understand what we witnessed. It was an incredible experience.

Being campers from way back, we had supplies that came in handy. We made coffee on the camping stove each morning. My husband could have killed for a cold, soft drink. That was one of his biggest deprivations. Never mind that we couldn't communicate with the outside world, or that we were without any way of cooling off. Give the man a root beer.

We thought we'd leave if we were under threat again. Now, I'd have to have a compelling warning. Otherwise, my survivalist tendencies are kicking in.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Found a new site I like


Check out the download section. Warning, it's 50-something pages long. I got hooked into it. Here's my stab at valor. with a little bit of humility thrown in for good measure.