Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's your movie?

I saw this movie (and maybe not all of it), years after it came out. The subject matter put me off. I have read many books that dealt with the Holocaust from many points of view and they all struck a horrified chord within me. I cannot comprehend how something that grand-scale-inhumane could have happened. I would like to think I'd behave with decency, courage and compassion like Mr. Schindler did. I hope I never have to find out.

Last night, after getting off of work, I dropped $6 in a beggar's cup. He is a one-legged man that I give a few bucks to whenever I see him. He always thanks me. I never stop to talk to him, always rushing to work, or to get back home. I have a one hour commute, and I build in no time for visiting. Another man that knows him saw me do that and told me the one-legged man's story, or part of it anyway. He said the man gets a gov't check and that he's taken care of. His sister beats him and takes his money. Now what do I do? Does the money I give him help him or hurt him? I could use my $6 - I am working hard to take care of my financial obligations. I know my intentions are good. I consider it tithing in a way. What goes around, comes around. He can't be making that much off the government. Now, if he was Governor, or something...

What Leader are you like?

I can't believe I am most like JFK. When I first came upon this test, it was on another's blog where he was identified with Abe Lincoln. I thought I'd be Abe too. Go figure.

This test was fun because it allowed you to pick the number of questions you were willing to answer to get the conclusion. I chose 18 questions. I wonder if I'd have picked more answers, would the answer be different. Hmmmm.