Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two more radio broadcasts

I have given my notice to Out of Time Radio. It has been all kinds of things, nerve-wracking, fun, exciting, and mind expanding. I have made many righteous connections and spoken to some beautiful and wise souls.

Tonight, I will have Diane Gaye, my favorite friendly astrologer as a guest. And then next week, Robert Wilkinson, whom I am looking forward to conversing with. He said with his Jupiter conjunct North Node in Pisces, he is usually the last train out of town - a very appropriate guest for my last broadcast on that station.

I would like to take Jupiter's Girl into television broadcasting. I think there is a place for finding out about the latest in metaphysical arts, though I fear the subject would become trite. A burned out Jupiter's Girl would say, "yeah, yeah, so you pull tumors out with your bare hands, see into the future, can manifest a ship out of thin air. What else can you do?"

Put this astrologer to work, willya?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Solar Eclipse

I found a great web-site that has articles about Eclipses, solar and lunar. I enjoyed reading them so much, I asked the man to be my guest on Jupiter's Girl and he agreed. October 4th, listeners will be treated to Robert Wilkinson of Astrology Papers. Here's his article on eclipses. Very erudite writing. I love Astrology.

This past Wednesday on JG, I had Cynthia Long of Cynthia did a private reading for me that included reviewing a past life where the energetic fear pattern was imprinted upon me and which is activated in this life. I am still processing that information. It was deep. She also read some of her poetry on air, which one may find samples of on her site, that she receives by transmission. They are lovely words, and she has a soothing, pretty voice.

Next week (Sept 27), one, or both, of her partners are joining me on the radio. Ildiko has agreed to share her wisdom and insights as a healer and psycho-drama therapist.

I am still in awe of Ormus and wish all people of good will to check out that web-site. Barry Carter was a great guest on JG, which is still accessible on Out of Time Radio. He patiently and eloquently described the product ORMUS and gave ideas of it's uses. I have made my own with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, but I think I'd rather have some that is made from sea water and alchemical processing.

My days of doing radio are limited. I have given notice to the station. I would like to do Jupiter's Girl on television, or in the movies, with demonstrations of all the different healing modalities brought into the light.

I have made some very cool connections to some very interesting, smart people. I will count my blessings and move on. One can still find me here, philosophizing, ruminating, or blah-de-blahing.

The Solar Eclipse is in 20 minutes. I should go now. Peace to all.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My day at the beach

I had been craving a beach-side getaway for a long time now. I couldn't get anyone else but Julia and her friend to come with me. It was just as well. I love to daydream - due, I think, to Pisces Mercury, Rising, South Node, and 12th house Sun. What better place to do that than near and in the Gulf.

I love to swim in the Gulf; to feel the swells, to feel weightless and vulnerable - yet safe, and pick up shells with my toes. I love to hear the sea gulls, and potentially see dolphins swimming - which has happened on a couple of beach-side vacations. I love the smell of the sea and to eat a good seafood dinner that evening, feeling satiated and a little sun-burned. My hair goes back to the wild and I get a cave-woman feel.

Yesterday, I drove 2 hours and 50 minutes to get to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We set up our stuff, and then immediately jumped in the surf. We weren't in there long before being ousted by what appeared to be small, needle-like quills that embedded in our bathing suits. I thought, at first, that we came into contact with jellyfish, but that wasn't the case. They felt like tiny needles and we picked them out as best we could, but then we had to completely take off our suits and shower. It was disappointing.

We ate lunch, shopped a little, and then went back to the beach to play. Julia wanted a hermit crab for two years now. I have told her "no" to that too (see the hamster story), but her birthday is on the 15th and her color-coded birthday list has that item at the top, in the most wanted of the colored items. We got two of them and all the accessories that a hermit crab could ever want for (assuming it never wanted to live in it's natural habitat and do what it naturally would do). Their names are Lola and Shelly.

The beach is still a wonderful place to be, once the sun came back out and the drizzling stopped, and once I got over the fact that I couldn't get in the water. We saw many come out of the water in the same way we did. We tried to forewarn some, and we told others that it wasn't jellyfish that stung them. I wonder what that stuff was. None of the locals I asked knew.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Full Moon in Pisces

I think it was an eclipse yesterday too. Did you feel it? Words that came to mind while sitting outside, under moonbeams: reflective, deepening intuition, thoughts about what is, I AM and what that means.

Otherwise, it was just another day.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

good news

You didn't miss Barry Carter's discussion of Ormus after all. I copied a wrong digit in his phone number and obviously couldn't reach him with a wrong number. I started to panic, but having faith that all is in order, I tried first Anne Beversdorf who was unavailable and still marvelous, and then my friend, Diane - another of Jupiter's peeps. Diane Gaye is a lot of fun to shoot the breeze with.

Barry is going to be on next week, Sept 13th. I would definitely listen-up if I were you. Ormus is balm for the Soul.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ormus and Barry Carter

In a phone conversation a month ago, I called him "Mr. Carter" and he told me, "Mr. Carter's my Dad." So goes the down to earth way this alchemist conducts himself. The product he is researching and teaching others about is ORMUS.

If I can use my own words... Ormus is the substance in our bodies, in the sea, and in other forms that acts as a super-conductor for spirit into matter.

Here I was just trying to obtain enlightenment through the old fashioned way of meditation, and semi-purification of diet, deeds, and thoughts. I know that I feel like I am spinning my wheels sometimes, getting nowhere fast.

Ingesting Ormus - one has to be aware that whatever thoughts they are holding in their minds, will quickly become their reality. Sometimes one isn't even aware of the thoughts one is thinking - they're subconscious. How can you tell? Look around you. Do you like your reality as it is? Did you know that you co-created it?

I am proceeding like one with Venus in Capricorn should proceed - with caution. I am very excited by the implications of Ormus for cleaning up the environment and re-generating growth in barren areas, destroyed by our own ignorance and carelessness.

Would I like to be completely God-realized? Yes and no. I am still thinking...

Monday, September 04, 2006

My walk today yielded this picture

I read this line on the other day... It was something to the effect of what George Washington Carver said after sitting for three days with a sick plant. He was asked to diagnose what was wrong with a whole crop of this plant infected in the same way. The farmer questioned him as to what he was doing besides just sitting with it for three days. Mr Carver said he was waiting for it to reveal it's secrets, believing that's what nature does. He was successful.

My husband and I cleared my trail which had been overgrown, and snake-ful. I didn't want to happen upon a family of moccasins or something, like one of the legends goes. I hadn't been able to walk in my woods for maybe two months. I was in heaven on earth these past two days.