Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tribute to J.T.

I only caught maybe the last hour of the PBS tribute to James Taylor last night, but what an extravaganza to fold clothes to. All of the wonderful performers playing his music - it was an awesomely entertaining show.

I saw James Taylor in concert about 15 years ago at the UNO lakefront arena. He is a Master. I love his music and his voice. I loved Cheryl Crow, Jackson Browne, and David Crosby's rendition of "Mexico". And the song that Sting sang was incredibly beautiful. It was about a woman that worked in a factory - running a machine, eating her sandwiches in the lunchroom, all day long it was her and her machine for the rest of her days.

Thanks, James, for all the music you have produced. Two of my personal favorites are "Something in the Way She Moves", and "Sweet Baby James". I wonder if anyone sang "Steamroller, Baby". I like that one too. Pure genius, James.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The company I work for has over 15,000 products they represent. Michael and I have tried many of them now as we have been inspired by the foods out there. Last week, there was a major hustle to get enough of your favorite food items and resources to the shelves of grocery stores in preparation for the biggest feasting day of the year. Pilgims and Native Americans never had it so good with all the convenience foods that are marketed now. So much variety and ease of turning out something delicous.

The stores I work at play nice music. They are interrupted frequently to broadcast commercials for the store chain. One of them says rapidly and with a jingle, "cough, cough, cough." I thought they were saying, "go, go, go" and when I imitated it to Michael, he corrected me and then I heard the line of cough medicine advertised. There is also a commercial for the flu shot paid for by the American Lung Association that actress Jean Smart does the voice-over work for. I have had to tune it out. I do not want any funky programming going into my subconscious mind. And mainly, I don't trust flu shots.

I wonder about subliminal messages behind the music and what it might be; don't steal, buy products, watch more tv, eat sugar, whatever. Michael and I have amused ourselves trying to make up some potential subliminal messages. I hate to be suspicious. It really is nice music that they play. I see people drumming on the grocery baskets as they are wandering around the store trying to decide what to buy. That may account for some of the more illogical purchases my husband has brought home from the store; the music.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


What am I doing just sitting here? These woods are beckoning. I have told the dogs we are going. The 20lb turkey is in the oven. (which I will not eat - vegetarian, you know?) the pecan pie is baked, and I have some other detail work that can wait until after my walk in these woods. I so love them. Happy Thanksgiving to all. May you have much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am thankful...

... for my children - they bring the best out in me. I am very thankful that they are healthy, happy children whose minds I adore.

... for the woods behind my house. Walking is good exercise and the beauty and diversity of the vegetation fills me with ecstasy.

... that my husband and I reconciled our differences years ago and grew together again.

... for my house and everything in it. Last night's news informed the many Fema trailer dwellers how to use their heaters safely during our almost freezing temps.

... that I have running water and electricity. We were without for two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. I can imagine what that would be like to live without those two precious commodities indefinitely and wouldn't want to.

... for a job that I like doing; an income that meets my needs, and food everyday. I wish that for everyone.

... for clothes that fit. Thanks to Old Navy and my credit card. I have changed sizes every year for the past 6. Down, then up, up, up, now down again.

... for all of the different jobs that I have had. I gained new skills at each of them.

... for my big family. I will have 32 people at my house for Thanksgiving. That is just the immediate family. My house is small, so many will flow out onto the deck and in the backyard. I have told them to bring boots or hiking shoes. May no one get snake-bit, poison ivy, or hurt playing on piled up dead trees.

... for my car, camera, laptop, dsl, jewelry, essential oils, other miscellaneous items.

... that Reva didn't really die on "The Guiding Light". That would have been her 3rd or 4th death. I wonder how she pulled back from the brink this time.

... for where I AM Now and for your reading of my blog entry.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jupiter's placement for November

Somebody has been searching for this information and finding my blog. As a courtesy, Jupiter's placement is 27 degrees of Scorpio, traveling with Venus 26 deg Scorpio.

That conjunction is squaring my Sun today - and I'm not sweating it. Excessive pride, overexagerations, laziness, spending too much money. Well, that last one maybe... I need new shoes and I am taking my Mother out for her birthday, which was yesterday.

Mars, Mercury, and the Sun are also traveling in Scorpio's constellation. Still waters are running deep in all of us. On the surface, things are going along as they should, but underneath it all - the thoughts are more contemplative - seeing the light and the dark in all things. Yin-Yang.

Mercury is conjuncting my Neptune today. I am forewarned to try to be very clear, but not to expect others to understand me anyway. Oh, great!! I'll use it for what it is good for, which is imaginative and artistic expression. Neptune is sort of my ruler - rules my Ascendant, which it trines. Mars is sextiling my Saturn, good for getting some work done.

I like my new job - merchandising. It truly is a Zen thing to do; organizing, emptying boxes, finding the spot for the item. I am still helping others, just in a new capacity. I get asked where something is all the time by shoppers. I have been very thoughtful about our collective consumerism too. The products that are out there now, one would never have to cook again. There are so many gourmet convenience items. It gives me inspiration for what's for dinner. Last night, I made potato soup, salad, and good french bread.

I got hit on twice yesterday; one was not put off when I said I was married. He said, "so?" I had to say "happily" before he would leave me alone.

I am happily married. Michael and I are on the same page now. We were discussing work related things last night at supper, and my daughter told us that's all we talk about now. We had to change the subject for the time, but later picked it back up. I like working with him and vice versa. We are a good team. "Lucky for this company to have us", I'd say.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Leave a comment

I re-did my blog. Actually, it escapes me as to what I did. I changed over to a Google account. That's not the point. When I was prompted to change it, I did, and discovered there were comments caught in a black hole that showed up when I told Blogger to publish them. I was excited to find most of them, but there's the one comment in the tipping your waitress entry that I didn't need. That poor lass. May she find peace and contentment.

Say "hey" if you feel moved to.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Go West

I want to move out west. Actually, I'd like to keep my home and family here in Mandeville, while I live a bi-local existence. I am scared to completely uproot, and it makes my Mother weepy to hear that I wish to move.

I often feel like a freak in this city of bible-programmed people. I have intuitive gifts, and don't know what the heck to do with my Reiki Mastery, other than long-distance healing on people that come into my awareness that need some.

Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, West Texas are all contenders for my future livelihood. Seattle could be too, though I fear instead of helping the depressed people there, I'll become depressed too - being an empath and all. I feel other's feelings and might get bogged in another's darkness if I don't take constant measures to offset it; calling on the Light, burning sage, meditation, exercise, eating right.

How do I get there from here? It will take money to do a little reconaissance to see if that is even viable for me. My friend recently travelled through those parts and picked up publications from Crestone, Co and other places. The way of life in those parts seems so much more progressive and thoughtful than where I am. It also seems like a highly competitive area for a non-competitive person like myself. Maybe the area is saturated with others like me. I'll never know by sitting and wishing.

One fear I have to get over is of driving in mountainous terrain. What about driving mountainous terrain in snow? My guides tell me I'll acclimate and overcome the fear while remaining respectful of the fact that one could just accidentally do a Thelma and Louise. It couldn't be worse than staying put, getting more in debt, and hiding my gifts so I'll fit in. I often encounter fear when I tell people that I am an astrologer. Then rejection. Then, I generate my own fears of there being something wrong with me.

I wish to escape. (thanks, Neptune)

Putting groceries away isn't that bad, but what did I study Astrology for? I am doing readings on Saturdays. I love to enable others to see the light through the dark images the mind conjures. Light eliminates the dark.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Living for tomorrow

I have gotten myself into a situation. I have borrowed against a future that keeps eluding me. I am currently on hold with a credit card company - desiring an increase in the limit. I must pay bills and my first paycheck - which will be quickly absorbed - will not come in for another week and a half.

Tears of joy and relief; with some finagling - I got the increase I needed by decreasing the limit on another credit card. Now I can pay the car note, insurance, and the extras my children need for field trips, school projects, fundraisers, and a gift for my son's friend who is having a party. I can put gas in the car, and pay for the dessert for my circle supper dinner tomorrow. I let a friend off the hook for the $25 he owed me for two months. It was his birthday and his finances are almost as bad as mine. Yesterday he needed food. I tore up his check.

This is just another investment in my destiny, one which has me rich beyond my dreams. Gotta love credit.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Uranian lifestyles

Uranus represents an urge toward differentiation, originality, and independence from tradition. There is a need for change, excitement, and expression without restraint.

I live such a Uranian life which means many changes in my profession and daily life. Uranus is the ruler of my Sun sign and it is in my 6th house - which is the domain of my daily work life, health habits, and is a not-so-good placement for someone who would like to be settled.

I almost wish it could be that I had learned early in life that I am a teacher/engineer/chemist/dog-trainer/or something else so that I could have gone to school, got the necessary training, and then plunked myself down into a profession.

That wasn't to be - for me. Today is my last day at the restaurant that I've been working at since June. This was my 5th job this year and lasted the longest. The other four were a week or less. One of them was just one day.

My new job will be in the grocery store business - assimilating the 15,000 products for a distributor. I start Monday. It will pay more than waitressing and comes with a benefits package that includes 401K and paid vacations. I can stand that for a time.

I am sure this will not be the final stop in my career days, though it just might be a cool job. I can zone out in my zen world, organizing, unloading, reconfiguring. I won't be stretched to the limits of my physical and mental capacity as I do a mad dash to satisfy 30 people at one time.

I am a people-person. I have strong empathic skills, am very intuitive, and love to help others' understand and appreciate their Selves and the lives they are living. Maybe I am relieved of that duty for a while as I gain some ground in debt resolution.

No matter what I do for a living, I will always be an astrologer and an actress.