Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello in There

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you John Prine.

In the past year or so, I've been very aware of the aging process. I am 47 and still in great health, standing tall, all organs and limbs are functioning properly. I am going to keep it that way if I can help it.

Sure, I am a little slower than I used to be. I can't do as many cartwheels as I used to, and don't care to. I have other attributes that are becoming more prominent; like patience, my sense of humor is more easily triggered, I don't sweat the small stuff, and more and more of the time in my day is filled with small stuff.

My thought processes go a mile a minute when I see an elderly person all hunched over, pushing a shopping cart, their back in the shape of a C. How'd they get like that? Gradually?

In the past year, as I was stocking grocery shelves, I worked during the day when mostly elder folk did their grocery shopping. I saw couples doing that deed together, and I saw widows and widowers doing it alone. Some of them were in pretty bad shape; C's and D's, gimp legs, protrusions from their necks and heads. They could tell I was sympathetic and asked for my help reaching or finding items. I never minded. I know I will be old one day too.

At one of the stores I maintained, I would run into a man in a motorized cart that I came to know as Anthony. He lost his wife 15 years ago on New Years Day and still misses her terribly. From the first time I encountered him, he pegged me as a listener and followed me around aisles for about 10 minutes. I learned a lot of his personal history in those few minutes.

I only went to that store a few more times before becoming the rep at a different store. Each time, he'd stop and talk to me and tell me stories about his wife. He recited poetry to me that he wrote for her. I knew it was important to listen to him. I felt compassion for him - wheelchair bound - lost both legs a few years ago, and living alone. He goes to the grocery every day to get out the house, and he cooks for himself.

At first, I thought I was doing him a favor by listening to him, but now I realize that I have been inspired and uplifted by his story. What a blessing it was to have encountered him - instead of his slowing me down at putting away the products.

To the young person that's still inside of you, and the old person waiting to develop, hello in there.

Monday, November 26, 2007


This is Luke(14 mos.) and Jacob(7), sons of twins Angela and Christina, my sisters. You may have seen a few day old Luke in earlier pictures. Now, he's a bruiser of a sweet potato.
Christina announced at thanksgiving the other day that she is expecting a baby next summer. It will be my Mom's 19th grandchild from her 8 children.
My whole family loves babies, children, and people of all ages, really. We pass the little people around and love up on 'em. They, in turn, love each other. My two children like nothing better than holidays where they can see and play with their cousins.
Jacob is going to be a big brother. They are hoping for a girl this time. The ratio in cousin gender is 12 boys to 6 girls so far. My intuition tells me this is a boy too. We don't care - as long as it's healthy is right on. The love is unconditional in this family. I know because I've tested it often enough.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Writers forums

I found a new forum - - for writers. I never would have titled myself "writer" - sticking to my two favorite identities (not going to say them again here), but the twist this time that gets me to admit to myself that I am a writer is that they pay. Oh, it's not much, but people don't have to leave a comment, they can just vote on your stuff, and vice versa. You can even vote on one another's comments. I didn't know my comments were being compiled too, but there they are listed for all to see what I wrote and to whom.

I've been reading a lot more poetry than I usually do. I like poetry, even though I don't always get what the words strung together mean, nor why they are put into formats where it might just be a word on a line, or two words. Commas and periods are decoration, I think.

To all the writers who stop by here - check out Share your talent. Get feedback. Inspire others. That's your job.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

ब्लोंदे जोक्स दोन't बोठेर me

When did I turn on Sanskrit?

The title is supposed to read "Blonde jokes don't bother me." They just don't. Sure I can inadvertently turn on a Sanskrit translator, but I'd never make this mistake: joke of the day

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"The secret method of inviting good fortune..."

The marvelous medicine for all sickness, from the Reiki Masters:

Just for today:
Do not be angry
Do not be worried
Be grateful
Work hard (on improving yourself)
Be kind to others.

Monday, November 05, 2007

differences of opinion

A long time ago, when I was a young adult, I had anxiety attacks that would cause me to hyperventilate. One time, I got so dizzy that I threw up on myself while driving. I had on a purple shirt that was a lot like a shag rug. I threw it away after I got home.

Doctors would only prescribe anti-nausea meds and my attempts at meditation would produce images of idyllic woods, streams, fields of flowers, and after a few moments in each of these scenes, a man with a bloody ax and a psychotic look would appear also. So much for relaxing.

I sought a hypnotist with help for that. It did help. The second session I had with the hypnotist had me go into a past life where the offensive feelings originated. My anxiety attacks cleared up.

For a brief time, I got involved with the group that the hypnotist (Carl) was leading. I learned meditation techniques from them, and participated in the trance channeling sessions one of the women channeled for. My awareness of metaphysical things opened big time.

Meanwhile, I worked with some women friends who feared what I was doing was from the devil. They were praying for me behind my back. To prove to one of them that I was still on their team, I went to her church service, which was being televised. The Reverend there would ZAP the Holy Spirit into people and they'd fall back with the powerful entry of that energy. It made for good daytime tv in our semi-fundamentalist town.

Well, I would show them who's holy. I went up there and stood before the man, like lines of others did before me. Two men were standing on either side to catch me when I got zapped. The preacher started ranting (speaking in tongues, they call it), and thumping my forehead hard with his palm and yelling for Satan to get out. I was sincerely willing any angelic, god-like force to enter my body or life. The two men were pulling on my elbows ("fall like a good girl"). Somebody else was on the side of them, waiting with a black drape to cover me when I went down (got to still act like a lady). The preacher shouted, thumped and spoke in tongue some more, shouted and pounded again. The cameras were rolling, he finally moved on, declaring triumph over Satan. I was suppressing a laugh that made me look like I was smiling beatifically. These days, I think maybe that was IT. I think God must be one funny mass of energy. My friend was crying tears of joy and said I inspired her to speak in tongue once again. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

I vowed to myself never to prove anything about what I believe anymore. As it is, part of me still wants to fight with other's about their silly beliefs and logically point out their ignorance, but if I subscribe to the rule of thumb to do unto other's as I would have them do unto me, I have to just keep my opinions to myself.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Me, last night

Though I feared the worst, that blue paint came out of my hair.

I am free. My job has ended. The mate and I have been taking long walks in the woods most days, scaring and being scared by moccasins sunning themselves in the middle of the road.

Besides my own woods, we have gone to the wildlife refuges in our area and taken in the gorgeous weather and scenery. I'll worry about how we are going to live after this weekend. For now, I am just free-falling.

Yesterday, I had a client for astrological counseling. It was a good session. I always experience Grace when accessing information by divining. Helping others feel good about themselves puts me in my flow.