Monday, April 30, 2007

Jazz Fest '07

My friend, Cathy, treated me to a day at the Jazz Fest yesterday; complete with the best food and entertainment that money can buy. The weather was perfect, and the crowd was so well-contained and handled on all levels. It gets better every year.

Cathy even bought me a new dress which is a perfect fit, style, and color for me. I wear pants to work, but I spend a lot of my leisure time in dresses and skirts. Lucky for me, I have that choice, and it isn't any big deal.

The woman in the black mini-skirt and white halter, with long, white gloves,stockings and makeup, in the above picture, is not a woman. He was a good-natured soul; dancing to the music, and posing for pictures when people asked. I don't know why he was dressed that way, except for that he wanted to. Nobody else was dressed like that.

I love to be among such harmonious diversity.

The last picture is of this man's awesome art which got "Best of Show". His name, or his series, was titled UTRIBE. There were so many beautiful and original pieces of art, jewelry, and clothing, and looking at it all while there was such fantastic, live music in the background was such a high.

If you are going to the JF, I highly recommend the Crabcake with Remoulaude Sauce and Trout Pecan Meuniere. I also had some Sushi that was delicious. That's a first for me at the Jazz Fest.

Thanks, Cathy, for that bodacious day.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Libra Moons

I have a Libra Moon. In Western Astrology, it is a balancing act that is constantly waged in my emotions, and therefore, in living life. Most books talk about how the Libra Moon individual is co-dependent (my words - I didn't make them up, though.)

The books say we are affected by the reactions of others and that we need harmony in relationships. It is true. I can't be happy if my mate is miserable. And vice versa, for sure.

And the same goes for any discordant relationships. I need peace in the land. I wonder why people fight and think there is never a good enough reason. I am currently reading Jimmy Carter's "Palestine - Peace Not Apartheid" and loving it. He is a wonderful Libra man, devoted to bringing peace, and upgrading humanity in all kinds of ways. I just love his writing, and the strides he is making in bringing understanding to some of us on the safe sidelines of the struggles in the middle east.

With a Libra Moon, there is always the balancing act; weighing everything, seeing both sides to each issue, not finding contentment with one or the other decision. In Vedic Astrology, Libra Moons are only wished upon the enemy. James Braha, who wrote one of the definitive books on the subject, "Vedic Astrology for the Western Astrologer" (or something like that title), said one with this Moon sign can only wish for a better life next time. It may even be in the 8th house in a Vedic chart which would be a double whammy. It's in the 8th house in my Placidus chart.

I hate bad news. So, I put a positive spin on it and get a more upbeat feeling. The Moon rules feelings. If I am having a negative one such as anger or depression, I can put some focus on the other side of the scales, the positive side, and bring my awareness up to the middle ground again.

My job, house, relationship, children, life altogether - some individuals have it better than me and some have it worse. The middle ground. I am content again. I started off this post having a gripe, but now I cannot complain about anything.

I'll just sit here and look pretty. (other Libra Moon traits - laziness and vanity)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I started off going to Jokemail for a daily dose of laughter about a year ago. The owner of it was anonymous, but it tweaked my imagination of who would do something so clever as to post a daily joke. It is so inviting. I used to occasionally visit joke sites, but one had to wade through so many to find one that was to his/her liking. I get jaded when I get too much.

Jokemail got personal with me and later asked me to contribute to the site whenever I wanted. I was posting in draft and he would pop them up there when it was time for a new joke, daily.

The man behind is a very talented writer. He no longer has time to maintain it, or the desire to laugh has gone, or he has decided we can fend for ourselves finding things to laugh about, or he is the president of Scotland and has a conflict of interest where posting jokes and running a country is concerned.

No matter. They don't call me Jupiter's Girl for nuthin'. I like to laugh and to hear other's laughing (even if it only my imagination). I am now posting to that site. Since this one is not about being funny, I can only thank Jokemail, the Man, for allowing me this opportunity.