Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby with a Snake
I found this disturbing video yesterday on youtube. Comments have been disabled, but I want to read some. You can leave them here. It may take me a while to publish them because I read them first, but I am curious to see what others have to say about it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Offsetting famine

I belong to this e-mail forum of thoughtful people because of some of my out-of-the-box thinking and activities in alchemy. It's never been about getting the philosopher's stone so that I can outlive my loved ones. My main interest in Ormus has been to alleviate my food and water shortage fears for this planet.

Ormus - an acronym for orbitally rearranged mono-atomic elements (aka ORMEs) is easy to make and has infinite benefits pertaining to feeding a civilization that is too dumbed down to realize how it is harming itself with funky farming practices and idiots in power.

I went to an Ormus conference in September in the foothills of the Appalachians in Northern Georgia. It was a gorgeous setting. These people are serious alchemists. I witnessed the process - plus, saw and sampled products. It was a very enlightening experience - to put it mildly.

I am thinking of ways to get some p.r. for Ormus; maybe contact some local farmers.

Barry Carter's vegetation is not the only documentation on how Ormus creates bigger yields of better tasting and more nutritious, disease and pest-resistant plants and trees. It is very awe-inspiriing that this man has taken the message of what the philosopher's stone is good for - and run with it.

Check out these links and see if you don't agree.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Just say "No Way"

Check out this latest Urgent message that has been making the rounds. I've gotten it three times from different sources, stated differently, yet with the same information.

Below is a comprehensive and informative link to what is wrong with the H1N1 Vaccine. Even if I didn't read this, I am very suspicious of that, and any other, vaccine. At least one state is trying to make vaccination mandatory. I also heard in the news where they are forcing health care workers to be injected. The logic they are touting is how is it going to look for them to promote it - while they (the health care workers) think something might be wrong with it?

Do you know the difference between the Swine Flu and the Bird Flu?

For the Bird Flu, you need some tweetment. And for the Swine Flu, you just need a little oinkment.

Counter terrorism with humor. Power (versus force) comes from being sure that the Creator is in charge of your health and happiness. Surrender to the divine within you and no thing, person, or circumstance can alter your path to fulfillment.

Love and light. Joy and peace. Music and Art.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Call it a Louisiana Stimulus package

Hey, Governor Jindal.

First off, let me apologize for my ignorance. I choose not to follow politics for many reasons, but mainly because that information goes on into infinity about all the who's who of the field, and how they think or behave in regards to infinite particulars. I trust in organizations like "League of Women Voters", as well as other watchdogs, rules and rulers, who like to keep up with that and which keeps everything in check. At least, for the most part, things are orderly on the surface and that's important.

I am limited in that I can only pay attention to what I need to for my day-to-day life and the living of it as a healthy, happy, and fulfilled Being - applying that to enabling others to do the same. Politics only barely penetrates my sphere of existence at all. It is way too vast a subject for me, so I ignore it.

Now, that's out of the way...

Work has been slow in the food and beverage, hotel and tourism, industry this month. It slowed down last month, and then is semi-comatose now - September. It is this way every year. Everybody knows that September crawls by, finances get tight-tight, and hopefully, some of us prepared for it - you know? - by having old fashioned savings accounts.

When there is a good cash flow, most of us let it flow in, and then let it keep flowing right back out, as we play catch-up from drier periods. There's always a need for the affluence as children grow and need to be re-outfitted, home or auto maintenance costs money, and all things practical and impractical that crop up and I thank the Universe for providing money for.

Some of us are not so good at saving. Well(clears throat), ... I am not.

I may be wrong in thinking You Guys got money, but correct my perception if you can. What's going on with the money from those traffic cameras???? I know the cameras must be an expense to put up and operate, but I am sure there is plenty of excess money leftover. In fact, I heard a rumor that nobody knows what to do with the excess moola that comes from people making sloppy car mistakes that hurt nobody in any way. (incl, a $110 from me sent months ago for one such mistake. :( )

So, I got an idea...

I am proposing that the LA treasury department consider using that money to write a stimulus check to the good people of this state who are devoted to the jobs that encompass this important f&b industry which provides a good chunk of the state's revenues. Don't you think it makes sense to issue a check to everyone in the service industry of hotels, restaurants, and tourism, in general, that depend on tips, or people dependent on hourly wages whose hours are cut? We don't hold onto our money. Get it? It flows in and flows right back out.


I LOVE that idea.

I've got more where that comes from.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Should I?

Good Day,
I have a business of US$26.5million for you to handle with me from my
bank.Please contact me for details, via private
Peter Lee..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I want to go back asap

Julia and Shelby. Two peas in a pod.

Aaron got a sunburn on day 1.

My niece said she didn't need a napkin after we bought the ice cream and I wanted to go back for one before she began to eat it.

I love Florida and spending time with my peeps. They are the coolest people I know. I indulged Polina one morning for a couple of hours. She and I went from the pool to the hottub, and then to the lazy river and rope climbing and then back to the pool, over and over until her big sister fetched her back to their resort room. I was like a kid negotiating with my 17 year old niece, "does she have to go? She just had ice cream. We're having fun." I went back to my room then - begging my husband to come play with me. He could only take very little of that kind of fun. I practically lived in my swim suit for 7 days. I told my sisters that when I get rich, I will have a big house on the beach so they can come visit me anytime. We'll have to get together often. (cue "If I Were a Rich Man")

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fort Walton Beach 2009

6 of my 7 siblings joined up at the beach for a week. We stayed at Waterscapes Resort which had a lazy river, two big pools, a few hot tubs, and a couple of kiddie play areas. My oldest brother is not a beach person. The sisters and one brother who did come all had their little people. One sister now has two grandchildren also. Only one of the nephews didn't join us because of work. He was missed too. We all missed him.

The beaches of Florida are heaven on Earth. On the day of the eclipse I did 5 astrological counseling sessions at Wildflower Studios. It was very fulfilling for me to mix business with pleasure. That store reminded me of Synchroncity (my old store that went the way of Hurricane Katrina). The owners, Mike and Penny, have such nice energy about them.

The hat is going. It's done it's job. I don't know whose sunglasses those are. They are gone too. And the sunburn is tannish now. I never do really tan, but the whiteness is lessened a lot, and more freckles show up afterwards.

I could have used just one more day. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Michael's 50th

We visited Greenwood Plantation yesterday which had such lovely oak trees. We paid $3 each to tour the grounds, but in almost 100 degree heat with humidity out the yin-yang - our tour was very brief. Oh my lord, it's hot in Louisiana. Remind me not to take long drives out into the country until fall.

Here's a rare photo of Michael posing for my camera. Otherwise, I caught his profile, the back of his head, and glares at me when I asked to get a picture of him.

Yesterday was Michael's birthday. It's that BIG one - the one where he now qualifies for membership in AARP. He balked at that until I told him what benefits he can get with it; namely, discounts. It's on a backburner.

My 50th is in 8 months. I used to have a goal of walking the Appalachian Trail for a week as a way of demarcating reaching this level in life. I don't think that goal is going to be met. I've made a new one. My high school classmates are tentatively planning a cruise together in honor of our collective half-centennial.

I thought I'd be settled in a lucrative and satisfying job by now. I guess I am a late bloomer. My bud is just starting to stir. I've been watering and fertlizing and sitting in the sun. I am reaching for the Moon now. Opening....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grills and such

A co-worker, Colleen, brought these grills back from New York.

I grabbed this white frog when I reached for my walking stick. He was clammy. Or, froggy - as it were.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Myrtles

For our 19th wedding anniversary, Michael and I wanted to do something different. We had an adventure involving a scenic drive, a haunted house, and a lovely trip down memory's ancient lanes.

St. Francisville is the 2nd oldest town in Louisiana and is preserved as much as possible, and replicated where it wasn't possible to preserve. Hurricane Gustav did a number on the town and on the 8 antebellum homes that are scattered in the area and open for tours.

We toured what is proclaimed to be the most haunted house in America. I dreamt about the mirror that we saw, with a purported woman's facial imprint in it, the night before I stepped into the Myrtles house. A picture of the mirror is the only picture one can take inside the house. I did not want a picture of it. The idea alone spooked me.

While listening to the legends of the murders that took place inside the house and on the grounds, Michael and I both experienced fuzzy, warm sensations. Michael is not at all what one might say woo-woo, so for him to notice the change in our fields of energy was very affirming to me.

I think the grounds there attract people who carry the ghost-magnet in their fields, so that they notice disembodied entities readily. My friend was telling me how a ghost pushed her and her husband on the swing. I purposely avoided any contact with entities except to say a prayer that they find the welcoming light of where souls go to rest.

I was hoping my mate and I could talk about what might happen in the next 19 years over a leisurely lunch, but we stuffed ourselves at breakfast so that we weren't hungry for pretty much the rest of the day. And Michael doesn't know the meaning of the word "leisure". We hurried to get there, hurried to have our (brief) tour of the house, hurried through our free tour of the grounds, hurried through the gift shop, and then hurried to get home, though there was absolutely no hurry now that our kids can fend for themselves. The man is a Gemini - fast is their m.o. We missed many points of interest in and around the township because we bought chocolates at the Myrtles.

After 19 years of marriage, we are settled in some ways, but in some ways not. Changes come naturally, but some I would like to force, like having more leisurely respites away from our mundane existence.

As for leisure time, I carve out my own. I am almost finished reading a book I started this morning. I read through 3 Jonathan Lethem novels in a weeks' time and returned the books to my boss. I got this one by him from the library, "As She Climbed Across the Table". Here is an author whose novels I will look for. My favorite had to be "Motherless Brooklyn", though I have enjoyed them all.

I have vowed to go back to St. Francisville and spend at least one night there at an un-haunted bed and breakfast, and tour the town at my leisure. It would be nice to step back in time and arrest it with my lover. I can always daydream about leisure time away from home even if I don't get it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Review

I read a lot.

Thumbs down to a book I just took back to the library after patiently waiting months for it. It's on the Bestseller's list - "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." It was a bad book, with gratuitous sexual violence, and a drawn out story which I couldn't finish.

The author of "...Tattoo", Stieg Larsson, dropped off this manuscript along with two others in 2004 and then dropped dead before they were published. I have to wonder about such a mind that was preoccupied with such dark, sadistic material. No, on second thought I won't.

On a more up-note, I read Neil Gaiman's Newberry award winning book, "Graveyard", and loved it. I love everything this author writes.

And while I am at random recommendations: two movies I recently watched and laughed at and loved were "Soul Men" and "Yes Man". They aren't movies for young people due to sexual content, but they are funny. Funny always does the trick at bringing me into the Now. Now is always better than then.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My new car

Deja vu. I used that title already - when I got my new Kia Spectra back in July 2006. That car was a collision magnet.

The last accident happened just last Wednesday when I got rear-ended on the interstate on my way home from work. The first dent was just 5 months after I had the Spectra. I came out from my job at a supermarket and there it was. Then, there were several smashes and crashes in between the first and the last when it was finally put to rest by my insurance agency - "totalled".

I learned new words like "gap insurance" and what it is to be "upside down". My insurance would only pay me what my car was worth on the market, taking into consideration the mileage and former dents.

Suzuki financing took care of $3400 owed on the Kia and the rest of the money matters and now I have a new car. It is a Forenza. I like the way it rides. I like the smell, and I love how it will eventually have cruise control. I told the salesman that cruise control was more important to me than doors.

I don't like that I didn't go over every inch of it and there's a cigarette burn in the back seat. I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank on that sale. Plus, it's an '08, which I am sure the dealership is relieved to get off their lot.

I can't let any of that dampen my happy mood at my good fortune of getting a new car. I tried to get one months ago - after my speeding ticket - when I searched for a car with cruise control on it. (People with A.D.D. need cruise control.) At that time, the sales man I was haggling with wished he could help me out of my upside down-ness, but his hands were tied. I didn't really like that HHR anyway.

So, I am still a little bummed out at having to eat $3400 because of my no-fault accident. I fussed at everyone in claims that I could have about the unfairness of not having a car anymore, yet still owing on it. I spoke with two lawyers who would have liked me to discuss my hurt back and knee, but I wouldn't play that card.

But happy days - I love new car smell, and no dents in the front, and cruise control. And there should be no more speeding tickets for me. That 24 mile bridge is too difficult to maintain a proper speed on.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I love cut flowers

My Libra Moon is what I attribute to my loving to entertain at home. I got up early last Tuesday and made pralines for my visiting cousin and her family from Minnesota. I then went to the grocery and seafood market for items to go into the dinner. I made a big pot of seafood pasta, made a salad and a spinach dip, had garlic bread, and baked a chocolate cake. My sister, Angela, brought jambalaya. My Mom contributed $$, and my sister, Katie brought boiled shrimp and crawfish, and also a stuffed artichoke. As always, there was so much leftover - we lived off the pasta for days.

I forgot to take out the red beans I had thawing. I had no room on the stove to make rice for it. I knew before-hand that Carol didn't eat seafood. I meant for her to have choices. She is low-maintenance and wants no fussing about her picky diet.

My brother, David, and sister, Christina - and some of their people - came to the gathering to connect with cousin Carol, her husband and teenage daughter. I got to visit with them briefly before my siblings and Mother arrived. They were so open to their Louisiana adventure. Nicole and Dan were trying everything put before them. They were off to Lafayette, a different world within Louisiana's borders, for a few days after they left my house that night.

Two days ago, I got the loveliest bouquet delivered to my home for my efforts. They are so beautiful. I am humbled by Carol's generosity. They were such gracious guests. It was truly my pleasure to have them. I guess the least I could do is get recipes to Carol that she left a note for by my pc. Coming right up, Carol...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras, Dawlin'.

The weather was gorgeous, and so am I.

This is Gabi, a Snug Harbor manager.

Cruella and one of her pups.

??? Just having some fun.

I worked Mardi Gras day. Frenchman St. was crowded, but it's a different crowd than what is a few blocks down in the French Quarter.

Next year, I may get out of Dodge for the holidays. That would be a first.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

There goes my baby

Aaron got his driver's license last week. Today is the first time he is taking my car out on the road - alone. He's driving to his girlfriend's house - saving us the hour and ten minute drive round trip, twice, for his weekly visit.

I am so relieved to not have to cart him out to the country, and harbor dreams of sending him for groceries, or to pick up and drop his sister places she needs to go, and other excursions that I can't avoid but try to.

I would cry about this milestone since it is more steps into independence from his Ma-ma, but it is all in order. Happy trails, my son.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Head shots

I paid my friend a shrimp po boy to take my picture. I've used not having a decent headshot as an excuse for what's been holding me back from pursuing an acting career. Now what? I am so unmotivated at this moment in time to do anything with it, but I am sure I will. The last time I had an agent, I didn't send in the exclusivity agreement because I didn't like any picture they had on file for me.

Note to prospective casting directors: Hire me. Don't you need a nosy neighbor, a silly teacher/principle figure, an obtrusive mom, bank teller who takes the gun away from a bungling crook, etc? I promise not to stir it up on the set. I am disciplined and focussed, learn lines fast, and ready when you are.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Awareness lightens the load

I listened to a wise, loving friend explain a magnetic pole reversal and how it will affect mankind. I took the belief and ran with it that we are all going to be wiped out on Dec 12 2012 at 11:11 am. I spread that news around like butter for about a week. I was beginning to feel despondent and that nothing I do - or don't do - will matter, so I surrendered to the vision of certain death.

Oh it wasn't going to come without earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear explosions, hurricanes and anything else way detrimental. But not to worry, as electro-magnetic beings, we are not going to witness the worst of earth cataclysms because our Being-ness will be stripped when magnetic poles reverse.

So, I did what I do to make myself feel better - I networked. First, I googled 2012 and magnetic pole reversals and came upon site after site that all had something to sell about the event. Then, I spoke with many others to see if there is a consensus - and "no" there isn't one.

Some people tell me of entering into another dimension (the 4th) where people of goodwill use telepathy and have cooperative spirits which will bring about a new era of life.

There are all kinds of theories about what will be, but until what will be IS, I cannot worry anymore about it. There are many mundane chores that need tending to, and my job still has to be worked at, and all other manner of things that tell me Life hasn't stopped yet, so keep going.

I think many want the world to end. Negative people bum me out. They spread their bad news so authoritatively.

It's like I always say - the Mind can find whatever it wants to. If you want the world to end, there's much proof that says it is going to. If you want the world to continue - only in a better way - there's much proof to say that is happening also. What you put out in thoughts, actions, words... it comes back to you. Think light and love.

Reference: Magnetic Pole Reversal

Peace and happy 2009.