Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tinkerbell, the cow

This pasture is full of defunct cars, campers, freight cars, and a cow. I pass it on my walk into the woods.

At the turn-around point is a pond which Chip wades into, and then Lily waits by the side to herd him. They are married. There were signs last week of the imminent coming of homes around the pond. Michael and I discussed how we will have to blaze a new path to the pond to avoid the new neighborhood. Even then, the pond might get others coming so that taking the dogs without leashes will be no fun.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa couldn't get the Wii, Son.

Aaron had a x-mas wish-list with 15 items on it. Twelve of them were for the Wii in various statements of desire - such as "#8. in case you haven't noticed, I really want a Wii." One of his wishes was to take off his top bunk bed, which we did not do. The extra bed is nice to have. The remaining two wishes were fulfilled; a Gamecube game and a new pair of shorts.

We gave him a verbal IOU for the Wii system. I hope he comes to his senses and stops desiring one before it becomes available. I like what we got him much better than another reason for him to hole up in his cave of a bedroom. This basketball goal and new basketball are more in line with the things I think a growing boy of 14 needs; exercise and fresh air.

I tell him he's the 'best'. He really is a sweet potato of a boy and was happy with what he got. He thanked us a few times for everything. The whole family got in on the game, but I do not know how to play. He smiled at me and let me off the hook after my inept attempts at playing the game. He said I throw like Julia - just towards the direction of the goal. Points for trying, right?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pisces-Aries conflict

Last week in Olde Mandeville, there was a Dickens Christmas playing out on the street. A 4 block radius was shut off from traffic and vendors displayed their wares; Wassail and roasted chestnuts were available. There was a parade with Santa heading it and the cast from "A Christmas Carol" walked behind him down Girard St.

I followed the throng down the street, talking to my daughter, Julia. I didn't see the life-size blackboard in the middle of the street announcing a Scrooge Screaming contest at 2. I hit the board with an impact and took it down, lying flat on it, in the middle of the street. I popped off of it fast and stood it up. I was not fast enough and drew attention to the loud sound a blackboard makes when an adult woman uses her weight to smash it down to the concrete road. I fussed at my daughter, "couldn't you have told me about that?" It wasn't her fault. I have ADD, or selective ADD my sister would say.

I have processed that and can make something of it - like, "can't miss the signs." It isn't like I want or like the attention. I usually like subtle humor compared to slapstick. My Mercury in Pisces is very comfortable being invisible, behind the scenes. But because it is in Aries domain (1st house), and conjunct my Ascendant, I am very good at getting attention, whether I like it or not. I out myself all the time.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Father Earth

I have seen Father Earth in meditations before. He asked me once before to help others' gain awareness of his existence. I have told some and gotten reactions about Father Time, or some have mistakenly said the Earth is Mother and the Sun is Father. To me, the sun is solar, and the Moon is lunar. Each have their own governing to do. And I ascribe time to Saturn.

No, this is definitely a male presence in all of creation. Everything that has life needed both negative and positive in order to become. I don't wish to diminish the feminine divine in any way, just to bring a balance to the adoration.

As a race, we are evolving towards a new awareness of our divinity. We know matriarchal societies were unbalanced, and now we have experienced the unbalanced patriarchal culture that wreaks havoc. Shall we advance towards a bi-archal society - peacefully, lovingly, with liberty and justice for all?

Chemtrails from Saturday: Too many of them to capture on my camera. Every day now there are well-defined lines crossing each other. My friend says he has seen tic tac toe in the sky. I hope the contrails win.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Franklin - age 4

My cat is named after my children's 1st grade teacher whom we all adored - Ms. Franklin. One time recently, a neighbors chocolate lab wandered through the woods and into our yard. Franklin took off hissing and chasing the big dog away. That's Aries energy for you - very courageous. He knows his limitations, though. He won't walk with us into the deep woods. He used to go a little ways with us, meowing for us to turn back the whole time. Now, he just waits in the debris and springs out at us when we return.

Chapter 2: mushrooms

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nature lover

I love to look at mushrooms. When I come upon them, I think of all the things they look like except for what they are. There are these one mushrooms that look like pancakes that grow in my woods. This guy, I am ashamed to admit, looks a little phallic. Maybe it's just me and my gutter-mind.

I looked at planetary line-ups today to see why I would have the mind I do and guess it could be transiting Mercury sextiling my Mars/Venus. Okay, that's it. So?

I love Astrology. And mushrooms. (not to eat, though. Yuck.)