Friday, January 16, 2009

Head shots

I paid my friend a shrimp po boy to take my picture. I've used not having a decent headshot as an excuse for what's been holding me back from pursuing an acting career. Now what? I am so unmotivated at this moment in time to do anything with it, but I am sure I will. The last time I had an agent, I didn't send in the exclusivity agreement because I didn't like any picture they had on file for me.

Note to prospective casting directors: Hire me. Don't you need a nosy neighbor, a silly teacher/principle figure, an obtrusive mom, bank teller who takes the gun away from a bungling crook, etc? I promise not to stir it up on the set. I am disciplined and focussed, learn lines fast, and ready when you are.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Awareness lightens the load

I listened to a wise, loving friend explain a magnetic pole reversal and how it will affect mankind. I took the belief and ran with it that we are all going to be wiped out on Dec 12 2012 at 11:11 am. I spread that news around like butter for about a week. I was beginning to feel despondent and that nothing I do - or don't do - will matter, so I surrendered to the vision of certain death.

Oh it wasn't going to come without earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear explosions, hurricanes and anything else way detrimental. But not to worry, as electro-magnetic beings, we are not going to witness the worst of earth cataclysms because our Being-ness will be stripped when magnetic poles reverse.

So, I did what I do to make myself feel better - I networked. First, I googled 2012 and magnetic pole reversals and came upon site after site that all had something to sell about the event. Then, I spoke with many others to see if there is a consensus - and "no" there isn't one.

Some people tell me of entering into another dimension (the 4th) where people of goodwill use telepathy and have cooperative spirits which will bring about a new era of life.

There are all kinds of theories about what will be, but until what will be IS, I cannot worry anymore about it. There are many mundane chores that need tending to, and my job still has to be worked at, and all other manner of things that tell me Life hasn't stopped yet, so keep going.

I think many want the world to end. Negative people bum me out. They spread their bad news so authoritatively.

It's like I always say - the Mind can find whatever it wants to. If you want the world to end, there's much proof that says it is going to. If you want the world to continue - only in a better way - there's much proof to say that is happening also. What you put out in thoughts, actions, words... it comes back to you. Think light and love.

Reference: Magnetic Pole Reversal

Peace and happy 2009.