Sunday, September 23, 2007

It was a new day yesterday...

But it's an old day now. (Jethro Tull)

Started it all off with a walk in the woods. Then it was two volleyball games back-to-back. I am co-coaching a 13-15 year old girls' team. We are in last place of 5 teams, but we sure didn't make it easy for anybody to beat us yesterday. We won a match out of the six we played. One time, we'd have won the game if it weren't for a player ducking out of the way of the ball and letting it hit her on the back - instead of hitting it back. I have to show good sportsmanship - signed a paper saying I would, but I swanee, it's disappointing that we have lost every game (6 of them now). Our team has greatly improved since the first game, but I so want to win. I feel bad for the girl I picked in the drafts that happened to be the top player in the league. It's obvious that she knows what she's doing, and confidently executes great plays on the court. I was hoping the kids would copy her. They still can. There are a handful of more games. I am thinking of doing some magick or something.

The birthday girl.

Our final stop was a cigar bar near C.W.'s house that had a great jazz ensemble. I couldn't breathe in there, but the music was good.

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