Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Leader are you like?

I can't believe I am most like JFK. When I first came upon this test, it was on another's blog where he was identified with Abe Lincoln. I thought I'd be Abe too. Go figure.

This test was fun because it allowed you to pick the number of questions you were willing to answer to get the conclusion. I chose 18 questions. I wonder if I'd have picked more answers, would the answer be different. Hmmmm.


Kim Ayres said...

Anything that lists me as Mother Theresa has got to be a bit faulty...

Jupiter's Girl said...

I am sure it is faulty because I do not identify with risk-taking, like JFK. And the sexual power..., I don't think so.

On the Abe one, it said "you are likely to be assassinated." What do you suppose the question and answer would be that deduced that. JFK was assassinated too.

You are a bit like MT, though. :) I can see that.