Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yin Yang of politics

In this corner we have republicans. Fighting for their team is a man and a woman polarity.

And in the democratic corner, polarity black and white have on gloves, going the rounds.

Sitting ringside is everyone who ever had a gripe against any of the players representations; blacks, whites, men, women, democrats, or republicans.

It will be an interesting election - bringing out what separates and divides for healing and integration.

My husband and I are on opposite ends of beliefs, yet we come together where we need to. We lean on each other to co-exist, co-parent, and co-operate in mundane matters like putting a meal together for the family, or getting the yard in order.

Unity has been achieved in this household, despite us being on different wave-lengths most of the time. I have jokingly reacted to his Republicanism telling him, "oh, you'd just love it if I wore a burqa!!" I am fiercely independent, and the threat of anyone telling me how things ought to be, like in the olden days, I immediately go on the defense. Humor deflects most serious issues between the husband and myself. It would apply to most situations that are delicate and sensitive, especially politics and beliefs about political figures.

Maybe we all can agree to disagree and still do what's best without liberties being threatened. That would truly be (r)evolutionary.

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