Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Best Son Award goes to....

Aaron Michael

Either I got him smiling and not looking at me, or looking at me and not smiling. This will have to do.

16 years ago, I became a mother. He and I cried a lot during the first few weeks of his life as we adjusted to our relationship. He was born by an unexpected c-section and weighed in at 9 lbs, 8 oz. His birth multiplied the love factor of my existence into infinity.

He has a girlfriend. He met her three summers ago and they were just friends for a year before taking it to another level. I tell him it's not natural to find your "one love" at so young. He is not even interested in other girls. Oh well, she's cool; an artist, Aquarian, and loves him - like his Mom. And he still has other friends; the guys, and his theater friends.

He will not be able to get his license for another few months; he has to have a permit for 6 months first. At school yesterday, he got asked a bunch of times if he got his license and/or a car for his birthday. (We live in Mandeville which has more than a few gated communities within the city limits. No, Aaron did not get a car.)

I was in the kitchen a lot yesterday. I stuffed artichokes and steamed them. I baked a red velvet cake from scratch, and I peeled and deveined three pounds of shrimp for po-boys. In the course of the day, I dirtied almost every pot, bowl, and utensil I have. All the while, I was nostalgic about our 16 year journey.

He is the best boy a mother could ask for - he makes me laugh when I am too serious, does well in school, is well-adjusted and low maintenance, making few demands on me.


Kim Ayres said...

Happy Birthday Aaron Michael!

Hope he had a great day :)

Jupiter's Girl said...

Thanks for the birthday wish, Kim. I'll have to pass that along to him.

My daughter was reading over my shoulder after I published this, so I had to back up and show her what I wrote about her birthday. Next to nothing. I could have told how we had appetizers, coconut shrimp and crabmeat/artichoke spread with special crackers, and smoky gouda on her birthday. Then, we had chicken cordon bleu, wild rice, and steamed asparagus for her and myself, steamed broccoli for the guys. I don't recall if we had a dessert. She's not much for sweets, though she liked the red velvet cake last night. Her birthday is exactly one month before his.

I think Aaron enjoyed his birthday. He has the same demeanor pretty much all the time. Happy, sad - it's hard to tell. He's such a sweet potato.