Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fort Walton Beach 2009

6 of my 7 siblings joined up at the beach for a week. We stayed at Waterscapes Resort which had a lazy river, two big pools, a few hot tubs, and a couple of kiddie play areas. My oldest brother is not a beach person. The sisters and one brother who did come all had their little people. One sister now has two grandchildren also. Only one of the nephews didn't join us because of work. He was missed too. We all missed him.

The beaches of Florida are heaven on Earth. On the day of the eclipse I did 5 astrological counseling sessions at Wildflower Studios. It was very fulfilling for me to mix business with pleasure. That store reminded me of Synchroncity (my old store that went the way of Hurricane Katrina). The owners, Mike and Penny, have such nice energy about them.

The hat is going. It's done it's job. I don't know whose sunglasses those are. They are gone too. And the sunburn is tannish now. I never do really tan, but the whiteness is lessened a lot, and more freckles show up afterwards.

I could have used just one more day. Sigh.

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