Friday, March 17, 2006

Peace out

I am having another one of those mind-changes.

After reading some fun blogs lately, I have decided that I don't want to put my thoughts in print like that. Mine wasn't that interesting, except to me; and even then, only sometimes.

I am a talker, though. It is a much better tool for communication for me, though I don't get the power to edit myself and that would be a nice feature - to be able to take back what I said sometimes. Oh yeah, that'd be great.

I was hoping to attract some like-minded - other astrologer/counselor/philosophers. Jupiter's other people? Not everyone can belong to the Saturn family, huh?.

I deleted my first attempt at a blog. I don't know that I will have another. I am pretty sure it wouldn't matter as there are many, many entertaining and thoughtful blogs out there and I have other things to do.

As there are a few of my friends that pop in from time to time and tell me about it later, I leave a note saying, "you know where to find me."


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