Friday, March 24, 2006

Second second thoughts

What else am I doing? I will write when I feel like it. I got some nice feedback before and that is all it took to get me started again.

I think I have middle child syndrome, if there is such a thing. I am the third child of 8 children. The first 6 of us were born within 7.5 years. My twin Aries sisters were born 8 years after the sixth child; I was 13 then. So, if the middle child sandwiching process didn't make me feel like my thoughts and feelings were unimportant, the parochial education and the sisters of Mercy definitely let me know that there are always others who are more important, or more needy, or better at everything than I. It was character-building, for sure.

My thoughts and words may not matter, yet I created this blog. I may as well use it.

I walk almost everyday in my woods. I love these woods. So do Lily and Chip. Lily is an australian shephard/border collie mix. She is herding Chip in this pic. She slammed him when he came out of the brush. She gets very alert and expectant when I put on socks in the morning. Then, she really knows we are going for a walk when I go for the boots. I have to fend her off as she starts herding me as I try to put them on.

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