Sunday, April 30, 2006

This morning in Mandeville

Yesterday was a windy day. I heard creaks and cracks all day and woke up to this broken cypress tree in my backyard. You can't even see the tree debris now in my backyard for how green everything around the downed trees is. We also had a feeling of deja vu' as I had to get out my camping stove to make a cup of tea. Two trees were on power lines on my street, therefore we were without electricity most of the afternoon and into the evening. At least it was a cool day yesterday with that wind blowing. After Hurricane Katrina's demolition - we were without power and I swear it must have been about 125 degrees with relative humidity. It was too hot to move. Or speak. Words were at a minimum. So were thoughts, actually. If it hadn't been for kind outsiders coming to town - doling out ice, water, and MRE's, putting up our power lines again, and all the other things they came into to town to help with - we'd have melted into the landscape.

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