Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Dog Story

Once, I was out for a walk in my woods. My dog, Chip, was way ahead of me on the path when a BIG German Shephard appeared out of nowhere. I had never seen the dog before and didn't know where it came from. I was afraid, and realized how vulnerable I was. I told it, "I come in peace." I felt calm after that. If it meant harm, it would just have to go ahead and do it then. I wasn't standing still for it.

Chip got wind of the dog, or came back to be nearer to me, and immediately got his hackles raised. There was a terrible snarling, growling, and teeth-baring fight that ensued. Chip wouldn'd listen to any of my commands that would end the fight. I don't even think he could hear me with his dog-nature at the helm of his behavior.

That other dog was much bigger than Chip and almost seemed confident and not trying very hard to squelch the upstart which was my dwarfed black lab.

My instincts took over and I just high-tailed it home yelling for him to c'mon. The other dog never followed us. Chip's nature was still in control, but it is programmed to defend and protect me from harm, thus, he ran after me.

I had to withdraw my attention from the fight. Yelling at Chip, getting upset about a potential outcome of a win/lose event, and feeling desperately helpless was feeding the fracas.

Good dog, Chip. He's a lover, not a fighter. Me too.

I consider that a metaphor for all issues. My mind is programmed to find a right and wrong when perceiving a conflict. There are some things I'd fight about, but mostly, I think it is the little self, or the ego (mind), that likes to do battle, and the mind will always find what it is looking for.


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