Thursday, July 19, 2007

Carrot cake as a birthday present

My nephew, Jackson, wanted a carrot cake for his 9th birthday, so I baked him one. My sweet tooth husband was put out that he wasn't getting any, so I baked him one yesterday. I am through with carrot cakes for a while. We had one last month, and one the month before that too. I do have other cakes in my repertoire.

I am rehearsing a characterization of Florence Nightingale for a performance at the Unitarian church in Lacombe on the 29th. What a trailblazer she was. A Taurus, of course, with that dogged determination of hers. I like playing a strong woman.

In other news, salesmen are jumping ship (we still don't know when/if the sale of the stores will go through) so I have been promoted to one of those positions. I don't say "yay" or "boo" to that.

I am doing some figure-crunching, thinking of opening another retail store in the Riverwalk - on the fringe of the French Quarter. Waiting for a call from the leasing agent.

This guy was just sitting there yesterday. Mosquitoes were on his back. One flew right by his mouth. I think it kissed him. I was willing it to eat the mosquito.

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