Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Winners and Losers

Julia's volleyball team, which I am assistant coach of, has lost every game - 10 in all. They have won 6 or 7 matches (there's 3 per game - winning two wins the game), and came close more times than I can count - where it was down to getting a second point ahead to win and the games went into overtime as the two teams battled to get that edge. They were all very close. Our girls played their hearts out and did well.

I felt a little sorry for the one girl on our team who was the top player in the whole league. She was the first one I picked in the drafts. She so confidently played and did the most difficult maneuvers and made them look like it was easy for her. She was also very encouraging and generous with team mates. I love her attitude.

I am not going to coach again. I don't know how to tell players how to fix what they are doing wrong. I was asked to be the assistant by Julia's friend's Mom who needed a backup when the office called the day before drafts and asked if she'd coach. Neither one of us had experience.

We were up against some very experienced coaches - one of whom yells. I think he is a good coach because he teaches the girls how to play. Julia thinks he has anger management issues and she wants me to tell him not to pick her next drafts. I've asked him to. I understand why he yells at the girls. I want to yell too. Instead, I tell them to "shake it off" when they make a mistake.

I know it isn't supposed to be about winning, but how you play, but still... I wonder why we never won a game.

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