Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What about radio ad sales?

That's the latest lead on a job that I have - though the informer told me it's a hard hustle trying to find merchants who can pay the exorbitant prices for advertising on the radio. I am not looking forward to hustling, but I've got reality checks all over the place that remind me I need an income to live.

My company is folding up their business here in the south. Michael and I are both soon to be hitting the pavement looking for work. Settlement has been hard to find for us. The competitor is probably going to offer us positions, but we hear they are harder to work for, and pay less. It is labor intensive work - but to go down in pay for it - I can't/won't do it. The mate will, though. They should be calling him soon.

Michael just bought a new car last week. His truck had been killing on him while he was driving. Plus, he had to open the hood and manually start it almost every time. I never liked it because the floor board had a hump which elevated my left leg. It was time to replace it. We thought our company signed a contract and would be still here for a year, but the big bosses said, "never mind." I really don't blame them. It's just a funky situation.

Once again, I shall have to be Jupiter's girl and keep the faith that it is all in divine order. The one thing about this job is that it kept me fit. I am strong and healthy. I will count my blessings.



Kim Ayres said...



Not my strong point, as I discovered when my 1st business went down the tubes

Jupiter's Girl said...

I had a job offer as Receiver for a grocery store I serviced, and another lead on a waitressing job at one of New Orleans busy restaurants.

Nothing appeals to me except for doing something with astrology or acting in a film with depth and dignity. I'll give 20% to the agent who gets me that job.