Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm just sayin'...

Because I want to connect with others, I have sought out groups to network in. I find affinity with like-minded souls who are thoughtful and wise, and who speak with kindness to and about others.

There are too many ways that words can be misconstrued, or used to damage that connectivity. If you want to distance yourself from soneone, criticize them or complain about them to others so that it can get back to them.

I am going to figure out how to withdraw from Facebook, MySpace, and maybe even TIBU because of feeling less connected that way, not more. I mostly just embarrass myself with my lack of understanding how to use those networking tools. I find they are more time-consuming to operate in than the time I have left on Earth.

I am also in OKCupid at the urging of a friend. Even though I put that I am married and not searching for lovers, that site still sends me beefcake pictures of men who want to be my friend. I don't even understand those percentages - Enemy, friend, romantic partner - or somesuch.

I have at other times joined Astrology or Philosophy forums that have turned into one-upmanship on intellectual points made with such negative words - evoking low self esteem.

I found a new web-site that I love today. It is It sung my song. I don't watch the news. I rarely read the paper. And when others get stuck on sad stories, I change the subject or inject light into it. There are enough things in this world to make us mad, sad, frustrated, and to act hateful towards others. Just say "no" to that crap. Ooooh, am I being negative? I don't know. I am not perfect, just don't keep pointing it out or I'll never be.


Kim Ayres said...

I'm quite enjoying facebook - especially the games you can play, like Scrabble, with other friends.

MySpace is very limited - I'm not really sure what to do with it.

I also set up a Bebo account because my stepchildren are on it, but the entire thing is a mystery to me and I rarely visit.

Blogger continues to be my main social networking system.

But you're right, there's no need to involve yourself in things that make you feel bad. I remember being at a Positive Thinking seminar once and the person running it said the best thing you can do is remove negative people from your life and just surround yourself with life-affirming people. For a long time I thought this was a bit harsh, but...

Anyway, if you want to do something positive, you can always contribute to The Storytellers Blog :)

Jupiter's Girl said...

I saw that you play Scrabble in Facebook. I should have tried that. I used to have marathon Scrabble nights with my best friend in high school and college. All I manage is Skip Bo these days.

Kim, the first or second time I ever went near Jokemail, anonymous was leaving bad messages and I was almost intimidated away from linking with it, but you said just the right thing to let me know you do not tolerate nor advocate that nasty behavior. It's been a grand connection ever since.

So, I still have to try.

I need to visit your storytellers - that's my way to tell stories too. Writing has been good exercise. Maybe if I write the stories first...

Kim Ayres said...

You don't have to write your own stories if you don't want to - you can record special ones you love and would like to share

Jupiter's Girl said...

I am putting out fires right now. My pc has a virus or something. We are getting some raucous popups. Does anyone ever want to receive pop-ups? Does anyone ever order from, or even click on these obnoxious marketers? That'll be my story... how I went ballistic on the unlucky soul infecting us.