Monday, February 18, 2008

Solar Return '08

This is what I did for my birthday yesterday; I made beignets for breakfast. Polina, the tow-headed child, dusted them with powdered sugar.

I had 8 little people, ages 6-15, spend the night with me. They are children of 3 siblings, and a friend of Julia's stayed over too. It was an impromptu slumber party, spurred on by one of my sister's emergency surgery (she's recovering nicely). Julia and Shelby baked chocolate chip cookies and they were all gone before morning. That is probably why one of them had trouble getting to sleep and was disrupting others. They all started up in the living room, except Polina - who went to sleep in a bedroom, hours before the rest. At some point, Julia made her way to her own bed.

During that time, I took Aaron and his girlfriend to a movie - "Jumpers", he said it was very good - driving out to the country where his girlfriend lives to and fro. And then the next morning, well after breakfast and right before fixing lunch for the peeps, I had more taxi-ing to do for the rest of the day.

It was not a restful day. I couldn't have planned to have so much love surrounding me during my solar return. It just happened, and I accepted and appreciated it for what it was. I did grumble to myself once in a while that I should be sitting with a nice cup of tea and my newest books, but each of the children that were here were so anxious to please me, and were so happily doing what they wanted to do and being where they wanted to be, that I couldn't begrudge them that.

My nephew, Joe, asked me if I was having a good birthday so far, and I had to tell him "yes indeed, " and I meant it.


Kim Ayres said...

Happy Birthday for the other day - 24 again?

Jupiter's Girl said...

Man, I wouldn't go back to 24 again unless I knew then what I know now - which is still practically nuthin' for sure. I'll just keep moving on then. 48 and so? We used to keep a Louise Hay affirmation card on the fridge that went, "I have been younger, and I will be older; right now is the perfect age for me." Or something like that. If that isn't enough, that message definitely sunk in with "Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. How comforting his words were at a funky point in my life.