Monday, May 05, 2008

Jazz Fest '08

Gorgeous day at the Jazz Fest yesterday. (oh, btw, Happy Cinco de Mayo.) It was my 18th wedding anniversary and I was gifted with 2 tickets to Jazz Fest by a co-worker. Working at Snug Harbor, I just knew there had to be a couple of tickets just floating around - meant to come to me. The kids were at friends' for the day, and the mate and I slathered sunscreen all over us, got the umbrella (for shade), and headed out the door.

The grounds were a little sloppy, in spots, and well-trod and smelly in others. We parked at the Acura stage and saw/heard The Salvador Santana band (Carlos's son), Ivan Neville's "Dumpstafunk", and then the awesome and consistent Carlos Santana. We left before the Neville's traditional closing of the jazz fest. We had kids to pick up, shrimp poboys from R&O's calling us to eat them, and hours of driving ahead of us before getting to call it a day. Maybe next year...

No, that might not happen either. The JF was so crowded this year. I really don't like that. We usually manage to go on a weekday when the crowd is so easy to negotiate through. I went on Friday with my bf, Cathy. I ate Shrimp Maquechoux and fry bread for the first time. It was delicious. Fry bread is like a giant beignet I decided.

I didn't get to visit all the vendors booths. There are always such colorfool and cool things on display. Utribe was there again. I aspire to have a piece in my new house on the water, the one that will have a game room with a pool table, dart board, foosball, big tv and one just for the WII and stuff. Yeah, that'll be cool when that dream comes true. Utribe inspires me.

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