Friday, May 09, 2008

This pole is where we parked for the performers we saw for Jazz Fest. There was a little piece of shade and we had an umbrella to shade us too, plus we could sit on that little piece of concrete ledge. Our spot was smelly and the ground was on an incline and uneven. My leg muscles have been sore ever since from keeping a standing balance for hours. Maybe they'll tighten up and look 20-something again. (Really, idk)

The Neville Brothers were going to close out the fest for the first time in 3 years after Carlos Santana finished. It has been the tradition for all these years that they were the finale. After the mamma-jamma hurricane - some of the brothers fled the city, by force or for other reasons. Aaron's wife, may she now rest in peace, was sick and couldn't breath our spore-filled air. They didn't close the fest for the past two years, so this was an exciting coup to have them perform here again in this way.

We couldn't stay for it. We had children to pick up from respective homes; this being a school night. It was disappointing, but I was satiated with so many other good things this weekend that it was just gluttonous for me to want more.

The next night, only a few nights ago, was Monday - which is always Charmaine Neville at Snug Harbor. She is an entertainer's entertainer. Her shows are always packed with energy and please the crowds. I had a premonition that came true - her dad, Charles, and her Uncle Cyril joined her on stage. I was ecstatic. It was so much more intimate and fun to see/hear them in that cozy setting. It was one heck of a set, and even though I was working it, I felt so blessed.

The Universe is constantly answering my prayers. It is a priceless feeling of security to acknowledge that all of my needs are always taken care of.


Kim Ayres said...

If you could give the universe a nudge to answer a few of mine it'd be appreciated :)

Jupiter's Girl said...

I so wish you could come photograph me, Kim. I need a new headshot. I haven't had a decent picture of me in years. No wonder I am not finding work as an actress. I haven't been able to get my agent a new headshot for a long time, and believe me, I've tried. I'll nudge the Universe for a trip to Scotland for that, as well as whatever it is you want, of course.

Kim Ayres said...

A trip to New Orleans sounds pretty groovy to me - keep nudging :)

Jupiter's Girl said...

Okay, you come here. Bring the family.