Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New entry

I've been a busy girl lately. Julia and I are tag-team baby-sitting a beautiful, sweet infant girl named Ruby. We only get her three days per week for the summer. Today, we went to a thrift store and bought a deluxe umbrella stroller for $10, so we can take walks now. We went looking there for a shopping cart, or other outdoor push toy.

bugs in a tree...

I've baked three blackberry pies, and used the berries in pancakes a couple of times. I eat plenty on my walks in the morning. And still, millions will die on the vine. I froze enough for another pie. I liked the pies, and the people I work with liked it (one guy offered to buy one), but nobody else in this household likes them any other way than just fresh-picked. Too bad about that. I used to make jam, but again, only my Dad liked that. There's a lot of seeds in blackberry anything.


Kim Ayres said...

Wow, your blackberries come out early - ours don't arrive until late summer/ early autumn.

I love them. My wife makes a wicked blackberry crumble and a superb blackberry icecream

Jupiter's Girl said...

You provided links to recipes last year when I posted pics of my woods. I made that blackberry crumble and it was just myself eating it. Mmmmm. That was good.

There are different varieties of blackberries here - hackberries, dewberries - but they are all blackberries to me. I may bake a pie today for a Father's Day bbq at my sister's in Metairie. BTW, Happy Father's Day, Kim, and any other Dad popping in.