Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mushroom love

I have maintained a distaste for eating mushrooms, as a rule. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, peppered with seafood upon occasions. One would think I should like mushrooms, which are in a lot of dishes. I pick them out, or eat around, or order something that doesn't have them in it.

I LOVE seeing mushrooms in the wild, though. Their colors and shapes inspire me. They have always seemed to have a Presence about them.

Someone sent me this link to a presentation, "Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World", and I was intrigued the first time I watched it, and then amazed as the information sank in about the nature of mycelium and all of the potentials inferred because of that. I have sat on this information for weeks and wondered who I can share it with. You, of course. Check it out. It should make an impact, and then feel free to pass IT on.


Kim Ayres said...

Well I wouldn't go eating that one in the photo if I were you, noy unless you want to see a white rabbit running past with a watch, complaining about being late

Jupiter's Girl said...

...and what would be wrong with that?

Really, though, is that a magic mushroom I pictured here? I couldn't find any of my shroom pics that I've taken and I went a-googlin' and found this pretty thing.

I took those kind of mushrooms in 1975, I was 15, and (WOW)found myself in a very kooky reality that I think is closer to the Truth than what I experience now.