Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stinky Sue

When she was a baby, I used the nickname "Stinky Sue" on her once - a character name was what I was thinking, not that she was malodorous - and it stuck, at least for me it did.

I accidentally call her that in public sometimes. Oh well, not really accidentally. I must like to see her glower at me. I seem to pull her chain as often as she yanks mine.

From my recollection of my own teen-hood, early adulthood, and still to this day - it has been the same symbiosis with my Mother, mutual chain-yanking.

Love the mother/daughter dynamic. It is most productive in shaping character. I try to express to Julia that even though she needles me at times, she also brings the best out in me. (And vice versa is my intention.)


Kim Ayres said...

She don't look so stinky, but then they haven't figured out a way to transmit smell over the Internet yet...

Jupiter's Girl said...

Oh, she's stinky allright. Stinky from the get-go. Take my word for it. Smells like a dead varmint that's been lying in the sun for a couple a days. Throw some toilet water on her and she screams.

Really, Julia is a sweet smelling girl, inside out. I'll miss her, in a good way, when she starts 8th grade, which is exactly one week from today. :)