Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eyes glued to the tube

These are my kids on top of the debris in Synchronicity. I took this picture and then yelled for them to get off that stuff and come back where it was safe. They found my cash jar, sitting atop a pile of debris, the lid was off, but $150 cash was unmolested and safe. That was synchronous as I needed the cash. Machines didn't work around here; it was cash and carry only.

This hole was knocked into the wall of Synchronicity, the retail store I bought one month prior to the hurricane. It was funny because I was complaining to the city about the dilapidated building on the side of Synchronicity. I also called and left messages on the owner's phone. He didn't care about that funky pink house, but he was attached to it and wouldn't do anything with it. I told him I'd sell it for him. Hurricane Katrina took any choice away from him. Oh well.

Hurricane Gustav is expected to be a category 3 - which is a bad mamma jamma- and most projections show Louisiana as one of it's targets. Actually, all of the gulf coast is in the danger zone.

Recollections of gas supplies drying up for miles around are activating panic buttons. I am going to fill up my tank and some containers after I post this.

Yesterday, my sisters grabbed the last 4 rooms at a hotel that accepts pets in West Monroe. Our weatherman, Bob Breck, shook his head at people making reservations to get out of town last night. Said it was premature. Today, he might sing a different song. My daughter wants to go with the sisters and my Mom, and is welcome to. The lady she baby-sits for is also willing to take Julia. I want to stay with Michael and so does Aaron. We have two dogs, two cats, two parakeets, and a beta fish named Sammy.

I was just kidding yesterday when I said, "Gustav, bring it on." Heh. Heh. Isn't that funny?

I also joked the day before my accident on the Causeway Bridge the other day that I could have an accident and go off the side of the bridge. I was sarcastically chiding Michael of not caring about my front tires being bald. I wanted to take his car. He doesn't want it getting scratched up when I park it on the street. I have had my car smashed into on two different occasions while I was at work, minding my own business. It was a possibility, and much more probable to me than going off the side of the bridge. I just wanted him to feel guilty about it if it were to happen - not that I thought it would. It almost did.

Meanwhile, I have the tv turned on - and forecasters keep saying that it is unpredictable at this point, but all of us need a plan; from Texas to Florida. It will be a tension-building time until the impact. And then we'll deal with it better than Hurricane Katrina, right?

At least this time, we are hurricane-wise and know our dangers and deficiencies. Most of us have some plans in place. I am probably hunkering down again. I know what we are up against. Gotta go get that gas now for our generator. Peace and love, Janine.


Kim Ayres said...

Wishing you all the best.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Hey, thanks. It is push time now. I went to WalMart and the shelves can't get filled fast enough for those things one might need if stores close for weeks. I got dog food, some canned goods, some candy (because we'll NEED that!), ramen noodles, cantaloupes and bananas, and some comet to scrub the tub with before filling with water. Schools are already closing. Tense, I tell ya.

Kim Ayres said...

But have you got plenty of Sudoku puzzles and candles to see them by to get you through the evenings if the power goes?

Jupiter's Girl said...

Yep. I went to the library and got some books - waiting until the last possible moment to start reading "The Thirteenth Tale" which I hear is a good read.

We've got crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles, and one 500 teeny-piece puzzle to do if we get desperate enough.

We were so deprived after 4 days of no tv in the aftermath of the hurricane, not to mention how stinky we all were with no bath - that when we finally got to an air conditioned hotel, and after the looooong shower, I watched some national coverage of what was going down in the city proper. I had no idea it was that bad. That's when I started feeling the trauma of it all.