Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh no. Here we go.

Last night, at work in the Fauborg Marigny section of New Orleans, shots were flying - of the vodka variety, not bullets. (I didn't do any - that wouldn't help me.) We are all nervous, yet it's a little exciting to be in such a tentative state. Newscasters, forecasters, metereologists all mention the "cone of uncertainty" when explaining the range of potential landfalls of Hurricane Gustav. Now, it is expected to be a Category 4 by landfall and it is looking more and more ominous for us. I am tired of hearing about the cone of uncertainty. I am so hoping it becomes certain, and not for us, soon.

Gas is already dried up in my area. We just emptied our 5 gallon container into the generator and want to refill it, plus fill my tank. I have less than 3/4's now and have to use up a quarter to pick up my teens from their friends. Oy vey. I worry and then take a deep breath and surrender.


Michael says, "blow it out, Dear."

That's what I do.


Kim Ayres said...

I've been watching the news here about it.

Wishing you all best fortune

Jupiter's Girl said...

Off to Atlanta this a.m., taking the kids, leaving Michael and pets. Biggest SIGH. Traffic is clogged all the way. What would have been an 8 hour drive might be days.

Thanks for your good wishes.

Kim Ayres said...

Hoping you're OK

Jupiter's Girl said...

There's no place like home. I took a shower immediately after unpacking, washing away the tension that built up in the past week. I kept my fears at bay until I was safely home and Gustav is in the past. Now, the clean-up... There's a mess in my yard.