Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grace King High, class of '78

These are some of the girls I hung out with in the mid to late 70's. What a hoot that was. We all continued to party down at the karaoke bar on Bourbon. Unlike the olden days, though, I knew my limit and went home early. It wasn't that I wanted to - a friend was drunk and needed to be driven home. I couldn't make my way back to the scene, otherwise, I might have exceeded the limit too. I no longer like feeling like crap.

This was the girl who copied my poetry interpretation that I did in our Drama class in 12th grade, and used it in some regional speech competition and won. She's now a newscaster. I forever think that I just didn't know my talent back then, and that was proof that I had it. She won a contest by being like ME.

There were 125 attendees at our reunion. Our graduating class was 950 girls. We've decided to meet up every 5 years now - you know? - deaths are occurring more frequently now so we have to stay connected. There were 200 of us at our 20 year reunion. Hurricane Katrina put a dent in our numbers.

It was a so much fun to be with so many women my age and to hear their stories of what's been happening - or what has happened since last we met. We are a much more accepting and loving crowd of women now, of course, compared to how we were as teenage girls. That school is co-ed now. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to be educated at a school where it's all girls; such a concentration of budding feminine energy offered it's greatest lessons on top of the academics.

I took drivers ed, gymnastics, theater and speech, as well as the blah blah blah. I can't say I was a good student except for those subjects, or teachers, who could hold my interest. In my memory, tempered by the years, there were way more good classes and teachers than not.


Kim Ayres said...

So long as you didn't blow chunks when you got home... ;)

Jupiter's Girl said...

Can't even go there, Kim. I am just happy nobody blew chunks last night.

I've been thinking of the reunion all day. I took lots of pictures - nothing incriminating. I'll look forward to the next one. It was all so interesting to hear of who had won the contest for most grandchildren, children, husbands, youngest husband, oldest husband (that girl didn't like that award), was prettiest, was most charitable, most congenial (I nominated myself for that, though I am no match for the woman who won it - she is very honestly and sincerely the most congenial), most successful (1 winner, 4 runners up), who traveled the farthest to get to the reunion, a doctor and lawyer who is in the house of representatives. I