Monday, December 01, 2008

It's on.

Took in the Aquarium and toured the French Quarter the day before Thanksgiving with Julia and Shelby, Aaron and Ischelle. Wore them out. I had to finally just leave them at Jackson Square while I walked about a mile to get my car and pick them up. How is it that a 48 year old woman can walk circles around teenagers? They need to get out more.

25 more days till Christmas. This time of year always makes me wish to fast forward until after it's over. I watched "Click" on Thanksgiving night. It was very good. I like Adam Sandler movies. He makes me laugh. And cry. That was a good story about not hurrying through the bad parts of life to get to the good. I will try to remember that as I search for the perfect gifts for people and the money to purchase them with.

I like the lights. No, take that back. I LOVE the lights.

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