Friday, December 12, 2008

Must have been a cold day in Hell

It snowed yesterday here in Mandeville. People can count on one hand since 1960 how many times that has happened. It was snowing like what we imagine it does up north. It just kept coming down until noon. That's about when the electricity came back on. The news reported that it was a record by snowing so early in the winter season. It was a phenomena to us here in South Louisiana.

My kids don't even have winter coats. I ordered one yesterday for Julia. I felt like a bad Mom for sending her to school in that light jacket. Michael picked her up for a snow/play day at 10am. He was in a long line of parents who braved driving in that. Aaron didn't call us, he claimed to have texted Michael. He said there were maximum of 7 students (out of potential 35) in his classes all day.

I would not drive in that, though I sat on the sofa and worried about Michael and Julia in the car. I called to see that they were driving okay through it, and then I asked him to pick up a few things at the store while they were out. :)

This morning, Michael's driver door was frozen and he had to climb in on the passenger side.

After Hurricane Katrina - we wanted to relocate to a safer place, still near relatives or friends. The only places with those conditions were up north, Michigan and Minnesota - which we wouldn't consider because of the frigid, snowy weather.

Once in a while, snow would be allright. There's still snow on the ground out there, but my deck is an ice skating rink. Looking forward to sunnier times. It's supposed to be in the 50's today, and warming even further for the weekend. Yay.


Kim Ayres said...

Move to the UK where it's never over 25C and rarely below -5C

Jupiter's Girl said...

Not for me, brother. I've been to the UK. Not only is it cold, it is a wet cold. My sister, Sue, lived in High Wycombe for a couple of years and took pictures of people taking off clothes when the sun came out - trying to expose skin to the rays. I can appreciate that.

I couldn't go to work Thursday evening with predictions of ice on the road as the melting snow was being re-frozen in falling temps.

I love summer.