Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras, Dawlin'.

The weather was gorgeous, and so am I.

This is Gabi, a Snug Harbor manager.

Cruella and one of her pups.

??? Just having some fun.

I worked Mardi Gras day. Frenchman St. was crowded, but it's a different crowd than what is a few blocks down in the French Quarter.

Next year, I may get out of Dodge for the holidays. That would be a first.


Kim Ayres said...

And all we got was pancakes...

Jupiter's Girl said...

Do other parts of the world note the day before lent starts? Pancakes are a Friday meal now.

I don't know who decided that abstaining from eating meat is akin to fasting, but hey, I love seafood and don't eat meat anyway. How much of a sacrifice is that? WWJD?