Monday, April 30, 2007

Jazz Fest '07

My friend, Cathy, treated me to a day at the Jazz Fest yesterday; complete with the best food and entertainment that money can buy. The weather was perfect, and the crowd was so well-contained and handled on all levels. It gets better every year.

Cathy even bought me a new dress which is a perfect fit, style, and color for me. I wear pants to work, but I spend a lot of my leisure time in dresses and skirts. Lucky for me, I have that choice, and it isn't any big deal.

The woman in the black mini-skirt and white halter, with long, white gloves,stockings and makeup, in the above picture, is not a woman. He was a good-natured soul; dancing to the music, and posing for pictures when people asked. I don't know why he was dressed that way, except for that he wanted to. Nobody else was dressed like that.

I love to be among such harmonious diversity.

The last picture is of this man's awesome art which got "Best of Show". His name, or his series, was titled UTRIBE. There were so many beautiful and original pieces of art, jewelry, and clothing, and looking at it all while there was such fantastic, live music in the background was such a high.

If you are going to the JF, I highly recommend the Crabcake with Remoulaude Sauce and Trout Pecan Meuniere. I also had some Sushi that was delicious. That's a first for me at the Jazz Fest.

Thanks, Cathy, for that bodacious day.


Jupiter's Girl said...

Please HELP, Anyone/Someone.

I can't get the pictures to post where I want them to. They all upload to the top of the entry.

And my paragraphs (some of them) won't skip a line. I am hitting 'enter', thinking I fixed it and it looks right, but publishes looking like I didn't ever to anything. What's up with that?

Kim Ayres said...

There's 2 ways to shift the pictures. Go in to edit your post.

1. if you're in "Compose" mode, you can grab the photo and drag it into place by clicking on it, but not releasing the button.

2. if you're in Edit HTML mode, find the chunk of html that represents the image - usually the lines that start with an angular bracket pointing left, followed by "a href..." and finishes "/a" and an angular bracket pointing right. Then cut and paste them into the part of the story you want.

hope that helps

Jupiter's Girl said...

That just took up my whole morning. I kept getting an error message about not closing a tab, the one with brackets and 'div'. I tried putting them in at strategic places, closing them up before and after pics, and then just deleting them all before getting this to post again. I must go to work now. I am glad this is not what I do for a living.

Captain Kim, I so adore the picture of you. Thanks for the help with my blog. You are a genious of a pirate.