Thursday, April 26, 2007


I started off going to Jokemail for a daily dose of laughter about a year ago. The owner of it was anonymous, but it tweaked my imagination of who would do something so clever as to post a daily joke. It is so inviting. I used to occasionally visit joke sites, but one had to wade through so many to find one that was to his/her liking. I get jaded when I get too much.

Jokemail got personal with me and later asked me to contribute to the site whenever I wanted. I was posting in draft and he would pop them up there when it was time for a new joke, daily.

The man behind is a very talented writer. He no longer has time to maintain it, or the desire to laugh has gone, or he has decided we can fend for ourselves finding things to laugh about, or he is the president of Scotland and has a conflict of interest where posting jokes and running a country is concerned.

No matter. They don't call me Jupiter's Girl for nuthin'. I like to laugh and to hear other's laughing (even if it only my imagination). I am now posting to that site. Since this one is not about being funny, I can only thank Jokemail, the Man, for allowing me this opportunity.


Joke Mail said...

I still love to laugh, but I used up all the jokes in my inbox. It does take up a certain amount of time, it's true, so I'm more than happy to have passed on the baton to such a deserving recipient :)

Jupiter's Girl said...

I am so excited by that, JM. I may wish to wring your neck in the future for the responsibility, but for now, I am happy to make it my duty to find things to laugh about. I am surrounded by such serious folk all the time. I am becoming too much like them. Life, and living it, is such a serious endeavor. You know? Survival and all.