Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fire the Grid up


This is something people of good will all over can do to help the situation we find ourselves in.

In 2002, the Rainbow Children of Hawaii sent an invitation for all who care to join our minds together and bombard GW, Saddam, Rumsfeld, and all other players in the Middle East conflict with light and love. It was a set time for a 15 minute meditation during which we were asked to tune in collectively and envision these leaders as children.

I was working with a woman in a garden installing a fountain at the time. The garden was designed using Feng Shui principles so it was most conducive to a meditation. We broke for the 15 minutes of silence and visualized the world leaders - as children that us fearful adults could love.

It was absolutely the most powerful meditation I have ever experienced and it rendered the usually chatty woman and myself speechless for the rest of our time that day.

I read the message from the above link, and pencilled in the date and time on my calendar. Even if you are a disbeliever, how can it hurt for you to intend not only to do no harm, but intend to do good as a citizen of this planet?

Pass it on.


Kim Ayres said...

Me and meditation don't seem to mix so well these days. I find I cannot close my eyes for more than about 20 seconds before I start feeling myself begin to drift and I'll be asleep in less than 2 minutes.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Yeah, I am pretty lousy at it too. When I have companions in it, though, I find stillness easier to achieve.

I am looking forward to this one. The author gives suggestions of how to use that hour. It's more active than finding stillness and nodding off.