Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy birthday to Saturn's main man...

He is not your typical Gemini. Oh sure, he runs hot and cold in a flash. And yes, he is very quick on his feet. But that's about it. He is not very chatty - like his Dad was whose birthday would have been yesterday, and his Mercury - ruler of Gemini - was conjunct his Sun. Talk about never shutting up... sheesh - loved him, though.

We have all kinds of flowing aspects in our synastry, and a heck of a composite chart. He is very lucky I understand his challenging aspects, otherwise, his Mercury opposite Saturn would send me packing.

Mercury is the planet of communication and how a person thinks and what they think about. Saturn can constrict, oppress, and ultimately depress a person. Only because they are opposite in his chart, that means he will sometimes project that onto others - the blame game.

One of my reference books says that Virgo on the 7th house cusp, which I have, can attract a critical partner. Or be one. That it is/does.

Michael has Aquarius on the 7th house cusp, and look he who chose to marry - an Aquarian that he can love/hate. And he tells me he hates me sometimes. Those are times when I get him to stretch beyond his limitations. Then, he loves me after the expansion.

Today, I wish to help him celebrate his life in whatever way he wishes. And may he have many more.


Kim Ayres said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

Jupiter's Girl said...

Oh my goodness, Kim. That avatar makes me laugh. Love your humility. It is so endearing. Who took that picture? Your wife? Son? Some friend? I mean, some friend that is.

I will pass along the birthday wish to Michael from you in Scotland after he wakes from his nap. We may be going out tonight, so I should take a nap too. Old age - you know?

That picture was taken a month ago when we were on our way to a wedding. He wouldn't smile for me, and actually turned his head in disgust that I was aiming the camera at him. I thought he looked handsome.

I baked a carrot cake for him. And for Father's Day, I'll make him some pralines. He complains that everything I bake or create gets given away. He's got a very big sweet tooth.

Kim Ayres said...

I'd just written my post about feeling tired a lot of the time and thought I was getting a bit bored with the pirate avatar, so it was time for a change.