Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Can't get enough of Florida.

I am meant to be vulgar wealthy. I am sure of it. Ft. Walton Beach is a beautiful place. I am already planning my next trip to the beach. It'll have to be a day trip to Gulf Shores or something. I just lovelovelove it.

An hour after we got back, my friend drove 5 hours to either collect the cat, or leave a cross on a tree to memorialize her. She called for her, opened cans of tuna, and then grabbed her when she surfaced from under my shed. Jupiter is the planet that rules luck. I thought the cat was dead. It had another life left in it after all.

Life has a way of turning out allright with a proper attitude. Once again, that philosophy is being tested. I found out yesterday that I will be losing my job. My husband too. The grocery chain that we are working for is being sold; some of them turned into Dollar Generals. There's all kinds of talk on the vine about what will become of them, who will buy them, what will happen, and soon, from what we hear.

My boss's 12 year old step-daughter, told my daughter that we are losing our jobs and they are moving to Philadelphia. He never told US that, though we are not surprised. Both girls were visiting my niece that lives a few doors down from him; we met the boss at my brother's barbecue last 4th of July.

I am sure to land on my feet, but this unsettlement leaves me wondering about my place in the scheme of things. The theme "what now?" is not funny sometimes. I am thinking of accounting school. I like numbers. Hmmph. That doesn't feel right. It is just one of the millions of passing thoughts I will entertain between now and the next job opportunity.


Kim Ayres said...

I always knew I was born to be one of the idle rich, but my parents screwed up.

Sorry to hear about the job - I understand the financial implications, however I hope you find another that's a little less soul destroying

Jupiter's Girl said...

Oh, so it was your parents? I haven't thought to blame mine.

There are two things I feel passionately about, but have not figured out how to make a proper living doing them - not that I haven't tried. Everything else I do to make money will always have a quality of soul-sucking to it. Some more than others.

I will not go back to waiting tables again. THAT, I know.