Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Review

I read a lot.

Thumbs down to a book I just took back to the library after patiently waiting months for it. It's on the Bestseller's list - "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." It was a bad book, with gratuitous sexual violence, and a drawn out story which I couldn't finish.

The author of "...Tattoo", Stieg Larsson, dropped off this manuscript along with two others in 2004 and then dropped dead before they were published. I have to wonder about such a mind that was preoccupied with such dark, sadistic material. No, on second thought I won't.

On a more up-note, I read Neil Gaiman's Newberry award winning book, "Graveyard", and loved it. I love everything this author writes.

And while I am at random recommendations: two movies I recently watched and laughed at and loved were "Soul Men" and "Yes Man". They aren't movies for young people due to sexual content, but they are funny. Funny always does the trick at bringing me into the Now. Now is always better than then.


Kim Ayres said...

I'm a real Neil Gaiman fan. I got "Graveyard" for xmas and thoroughly enjoyed it

Jupiter's Girl said...

I got the first copy my library ordered of "Graveyard" right after it won a Newberry award.

Another series of books I've read are by Orson Scott Card. I read 5 of the 6th before becoming weary of the storyline. It's set in early America and concerns subject matters that deeply interested me; metaphysics, slavery and Native American affairs. I read about the author and then investigated the Mormon faith from which his inspiration is rooted. Of course, I am always intrigued by people's beliefs. Some of them are way out there - makes me see my own with a more objective eye.

My boss and I exchange books. He recently gave me 3 by Johathan Lethem. Have you read his books? I've been too busy to start a new book. It will have to be good to get me to sit still.

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