Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My new car

Deja vu. I used that title already - when I got my new Kia Spectra back in July 2006. That car was a collision magnet.

The last accident happened just last Wednesday when I got rear-ended on the interstate on my way home from work. The first dent was just 5 months after I had the Spectra. I came out from my job at a supermarket and there it was. Then, there were several smashes and crashes in between the first and the last when it was finally put to rest by my insurance agency - "totalled".

I learned new words like "gap insurance" and what it is to be "upside down". My insurance would only pay me what my car was worth on the market, taking into consideration the mileage and former dents.

Suzuki financing took care of $3400 owed on the Kia and the rest of the money matters and now I have a new car. It is a Forenza. I like the way it rides. I like the smell, and I love how it will eventually have cruise control. I told the salesman that cruise control was more important to me than doors.

I don't like that I didn't go over every inch of it and there's a cigarette burn in the back seat. I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank on that sale. Plus, it's an '08, which I am sure the dealership is relieved to get off their lot.

I can't let any of that dampen my happy mood at my good fortune of getting a new car. I tried to get one months ago - after my speeding ticket - when I searched for a car with cruise control on it. (People with A.D.D. need cruise control.) At that time, the sales man I was haggling with wished he could help me out of my upside down-ness, but his hands were tied. I didn't really like that HHR anyway.

So, I am still a little bummed out at having to eat $3400 because of my no-fault accident. I fussed at everyone in claims that I could have about the unfairness of not having a car anymore, yet still owing on it. I spoke with two lawyers who would have liked me to discuss my hurt back and knee, but I wouldn't play that card.

But happy days - I love new car smell, and no dents in the front, and cruise control. And there should be no more speeding tickets for me. That 24 mile bridge is too difficult to maintain a proper speed on.

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