Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ormus and Barry Carter

In a phone conversation a month ago, I called him "Mr. Carter" and he told me, "Mr. Carter's my Dad." So goes the down to earth way this alchemist conducts himself. The product he is researching and teaching others about is ORMUS.

If I can use my own words... Ormus is the substance in our bodies, in the sea, and in other forms that acts as a super-conductor for spirit into matter.

Here I was just trying to obtain enlightenment through the old fashioned way of meditation, and semi-purification of diet, deeds, and thoughts. I know that I feel like I am spinning my wheels sometimes, getting nowhere fast.

Ingesting Ormus - one has to be aware that whatever thoughts they are holding in their minds, will quickly become their reality. Sometimes one isn't even aware of the thoughts one is thinking - they're subconscious. How can you tell? Look around you. Do you like your reality as it is? Did you know that you co-created it?

I am proceeding like one with Venus in Capricorn should proceed - with caution. I am very excited by the implications of Ormus for cleaning up the environment and re-generating growth in barren areas, destroyed by our own ignorance and carelessness.

Would I like to be completely God-realized? Yes and no. I am still thinking...

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