Friday, September 22, 2006

Solar Eclipse

I found a great web-site that has articles about Eclipses, solar and lunar. I enjoyed reading them so much, I asked the man to be my guest on Jupiter's Girl and he agreed. October 4th, listeners will be treated to Robert Wilkinson of Astrology Papers. Here's his article on eclipses. Very erudite writing. I love Astrology.

This past Wednesday on JG, I had Cynthia Long of Cynthia did a private reading for me that included reviewing a past life where the energetic fear pattern was imprinted upon me and which is activated in this life. I am still processing that information. It was deep. She also read some of her poetry on air, which one may find samples of on her site, that she receives by transmission. They are lovely words, and she has a soothing, pretty voice.

Next week (Sept 27), one, or both, of her partners are joining me on the radio. Ildiko has agreed to share her wisdom and insights as a healer and psycho-drama therapist.

I am still in awe of Ormus and wish all people of good will to check out that web-site. Barry Carter was a great guest on JG, which is still accessible on Out of Time Radio. He patiently and eloquently described the product ORMUS and gave ideas of it's uses. I have made my own with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, but I think I'd rather have some that is made from sea water and alchemical processing.

My days of doing radio are limited. I have given notice to the station. I would like to do Jupiter's Girl on television, or in the movies, with demonstrations of all the different healing modalities brought into the light.

I have made some very cool connections to some very interesting, smart people. I will count my blessings and move on. One can still find me here, philosophizing, ruminating, or blah-de-blahing.

The Solar Eclipse is in 20 minutes. I should go now. Peace to all.

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