Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two more radio broadcasts

I have given my notice to Out of Time Radio. It has been all kinds of things, nerve-wracking, fun, exciting, and mind expanding. I have made many righteous connections and spoken to some beautiful and wise souls.

Tonight, I will have Diane Gaye, my favorite friendly astrologer as a guest. And then next week, Robert Wilkinson, whom I am looking forward to conversing with. He said with his Jupiter conjunct North Node in Pisces, he is usually the last train out of town - a very appropriate guest for my last broadcast on that station.

I would like to take Jupiter's Girl into television broadcasting. I think there is a place for finding out about the latest in metaphysical arts, though I fear the subject would become trite. A burned out Jupiter's Girl would say, "yeah, yeah, so you pull tumors out with your bare hands, see into the future, can manifest a ship out of thin air. What else can you do?"

Put this astrologer to work, willya?


Betty Hill said...

It is a wonderful thing to help people and have the desire to understand the human sides of life.

I can respond to this because for many years I have helped many see that life and love are paramount aspects in enriching the world.

There are not too many folks today who really care about others in a geniune sense and in all honesty, feel sorry them.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Thanks so much for piping up, Betty Hill. I appreciate your comment.