Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nature lover

I love to look at mushrooms. When I come upon them, I think of all the things they look like except for what they are. There are these one mushrooms that look like pancakes that grow in my woods. This guy, I am ashamed to admit, looks a little phallic. Maybe it's just me and my gutter-mind.

I looked at planetary line-ups today to see why I would have the mind I do and guess it could be transiting Mercury sextiling my Mars/Venus. Okay, that's it. So?

I love Astrology. And mushrooms. (not to eat, though. Yuck.)


Kim Ayres said...

Fantastic photo :)

Jupiter's Girl said...

Thanks, Kim. I love to take pictures. When I was in the Smoky Mountains, I held my camera over the side of a cliff and just pressed. My husband and son fussed at me for taking pictures of nothing. I said, "I like to take pictures of nothing." Just then a lady walking by said, "I do too." I yelled after her, "I like to put mine on a slide show." She called back that she did too. I felt like I had someone on my side for a change. Those impatient boys.