Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Father Earth

I have seen Father Earth in meditations before. He asked me once before to help others' gain awareness of his existence. I have told some and gotten reactions about Father Time, or some have mistakenly said the Earth is Mother and the Sun is Father. To me, the sun is solar, and the Moon is lunar. Each have their own governing to do. And I ascribe time to Saturn.

No, this is definitely a male presence in all of creation. Everything that has life needed both negative and positive in order to become. I don't wish to diminish the feminine divine in any way, just to bring a balance to the adoration.

As a race, we are evolving towards a new awareness of our divinity. We know matriarchal societies were unbalanced, and now we have experienced the unbalanced patriarchal culture that wreaks havoc. Shall we advance towards a bi-archal society - peacefully, lovingly, with liberty and justice for all?

Chemtrails from Saturday: Too many of them to capture on my camera. Every day now there are well-defined lines crossing each other. My friend says he has seen tic tac toe in the sky. I hope the contrails win.

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